On Being Rubbish With Endings…

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chemical pregnancy

Chemical Pregnancy | My Miscarriage

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#bottlefeedingstories with Mimi Rose and Me

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Yes You Can – Fighting Gender Stereotypes for Kids

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Parenting | Photography

Messy Play At Home

1st June 2015

“I know what we can do,” I messaged my friend last week, “the weather’s supposed to be nice Thursday, shall we let the kids make a mess with some paints. We can do it in the garden then we don’t risk my sofas?”

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Monthly Updates | Photography

15 Month Update

28th May 2015

So X turned 15 months old this week. 15 months! It barely seems like yesterday we were strapping him into his car seat for the first time, in an all in one that was miles too big for him, and gingerly carrying him out of the hospital…

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Review: Ikea Poäng Children’s Chair

27th May 2015

After discussion with X’s aunt about how much his cousin loves his Poäng Chair, we decided to give one a go ourselves…

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Family LIfe | Photography

Center Parcs – Part Two

21st May 2015

We decided from the off that we weren’t too keen on paying to do lots of activities – X is too young for most of them anyway it seems as they are mostly 2years+ – so Hubby has taken him swimming twice, and we’ve been out on some bike rides around the lake.

On Wednesday, as the weather had dramatically improved from the downpours on Monday and Tuesday,  we went out for a walk on the nature trail.

This was X’s first proper trip out in the LittleLife Adventurer backpack and he adored it – there was some significant screaming when we were putting him in, but once he was up he was having the time of his life.

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Family LIfe | Photography

Center Parcs – Part One


Our adventure started with X deciding that 5am is *the best* time to wake up and not want to go back to sleep, so by the time we had managed to pack the car and leave (9.30am) he was super cranky and getting pretty stroppy.

We had a few errands to run on the way, including popping in to Go Outdoors for a raincover for the Little Life carrier as the forecast for this week isn’t looking too promising. Eventually, we arrived at Sherwood Forest just after lunchtime, but as we couldn’t get into our lodge until 3pm we decided to explore the main Village area.

X had a good run around on his reigns – another LittleLife product because their kids backpacks are just too cute – and we made friends with some pretty tame ducks (I guess they’re very used to people!)

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