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Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

When I started #bottlefeedingstories a while back, the response I got from other bloggers, and other parents, who wanted to get involved was overwhelming. So many people had a story to tell – and I love that people have commented saying how their stories were similar, or how they didn’t realise that many people had… Read More Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

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#bottlefeedingstories with Katy Kicker

This week sees Katy, from katykicker, share her #bottlefeedingstories and her experience with breastfeeding a child with Cows Milk Allergy I’m Katy, a 29 year old Mum of one from Essex. My daughter Daisy has just turned one and I blog over at Katykicker (www.katykicker.com). I started bottle feeding when my daughter was around 2 weeks… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Katy Kicker


#bottlefeedingstories with Pickle & Poppet

Following on from Vicki @ Tippytupps’ story last week we have Jo from Pickle & Poppet who moved her children onto formula by 5 months old after initially breastfeeding. I’m Jo, I have two beautiful children, Reuben who is three and Jessica who is now 7 months old and I write over at Pickle &… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Pickle & Poppet


#bottlefeedingstories with Tippytupps

This week we have the wonderful Vicki from over at Tippytupps sharing her #bottlefeedingstories She successfully breastfed her children, and he she discusses why she decided to move from breast to bottle. . So a little background before we start the Q&A – I’m mummy to two gorgeous children: Darcie who is now 2 and Henry… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Tippytupps


#bottlefeedingstories with Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby

This week, we have the amazing Lyndsey from Me, Him, The Dog And A Baby sharing her #bottlefeedingstories I’m Lyndsey, a 30 year old first time mum! I blog over at Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby! Erin was born on New Year’s Day 2016 so she’s just over a year old now. I started breastfeeding… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby