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What If My Son Wants Pink Sparkly Shoes?

Sparkles and Stretchmarks’ blog post this week about Disney’s confusion over allowing a boy to attend their Princess day experience has got me thinking. I’d consider myself a feminist. I try to educate myself about the issues facing LGBT+ people, and I hope I’d be considered an ally! I am anti gendered toys (I write,… Read More What If My Son Wants Pink Sparkly Shoes?

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Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

When I started #bottlefeedingstories a while back, the response I got from other bloggers, and other parents, who wanted to get involved was overwhelming. So many people had a story to tell – and I love that people have commented saying how their stories were similar, or how they didn’t realise that many people had… Read More Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

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#bottlefeedingstories with Trainee Blogger and Mother

Welcome to the first instalment of the #bottlefeedingstories guest post series, a chance for mums to come together to share their stories of moving from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, whether that was a necessity or a choice. To kick off the series we have Lauren from Trainee Blogger and Mother.