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Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

When I started #bottlefeedingstories a while back, the response I got from other bloggers, and other parents, who wanted to get involved was overwhelming. So many people had a story to tell – and I love that people have commented saying how their stories were similar, or how they didn’t realise that many people had… Read More Why I Deleted Your “Breast Is Best” Comment

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#bottlefeedingstories with Katy Kicker

This week sees Katy, from katykicker, share her #bottlefeedingstories and her experience with breastfeeding a child with Cows Milk Allergy I’m Katy, a 29 year old Mum of one from Essex. My daughter Daisy has just turned one and I blog over at Katykicker (www.katykicker.com). I started bottle feeding when my daughter was around 2 weeks… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Katy Kicker


#bottlefeedingstories with Pickle & Poppet

Following on from Vicki @ Tippytupps’ story last week we have Jo from Pickle & Poppet who moved her children onto formula by 5 months old after initially breastfeeding. I’m Jo, I have two beautiful children, Reuben who is three and Jessica who is now 7 months old and I write over at Pickle &… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Pickle & Poppet


#bottlefeedingstories with Tippytupps

This week we have the wonderful Vicki from over at Tippytupps sharing her #bottlefeedingstories She successfully breastfed her children, and he she discusses why she decided to move from breast to bottle. . So a little background before we start the Q&A – I’m mummy to two gorgeous children: Darcie who is now 2 and Henry… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Tippytupps


#bottlefeedingstories with Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby

This week, we have the amazing Lyndsey from Me, Him, The Dog And A Baby sharing her #bottlefeedingstories I’m Lyndsey, a 30 year old first time mum! I blog over at Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby! Erin was born on New Year’s Day 2016 so she’s just over a year old now. I started breastfeeding… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby

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#bottlefeedingstories with All Things Spliced

We’re back with #bottlefeedingstories! It’s been a little while, so I do apologise if you’ve been keeping an eye out for them. Now that National Breastfeeding Week is behind us for another year, it’s time to check out some real life stories about the realities of what happens when breastfeeding doesn’t go to plan. This… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with All Things Spliced


#bottlefeedingstories with Max and Kai

This week’s #bottlefeedingstories is from the lovely Kris over at Max and Kai. Hi I’m Kris, head honcho at the blog Max and Kai (http://maxandkai.co.uk) With both the boys we bottle fed from the beginning. I had the idea that breastfeeding would just naturally happen with my first born (after all isn’t that what all… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Max and Kai

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#bottlefeedingstories with Mimi Rose and Me

This week’s #bottlefeedingstories comes from one of my absolute favourite bloggers – the lovely Kelly-Anne over at MimiRose and Me Hi, my name is Kelly-Anne, I’m a 28 year old mother to one, my cheeky little lady Amelia. I am also a wife to my lovely Tony and we have set up our forever home… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Mimi Rose and Me

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#bottlefeedingstories with Mrs Mummy Harris

This week on #bottlefeedingstories we have the fab Mrs Mummy Harris Mrs Mummy Harris is a blog that I started when Ben was about four months old. I was in the throws of PostNatal Depression and needed an outlet and a way to see that my experiences were the same as others for reassurance. I… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with Mrs Mummy Harris


#bottlefeedingstories with This Day I Love

This week’s #bottlefeedingstories comes from Leyla at This Day I Love. She has a really confident story about bottle feeding her third child.   My first 2 children were breastfed babies and my son was bottle fed from birth. I had planned on breastfeeding my eldest daughter and then made the decision to do so… Read More #bottlefeedingstories with This Day I Love