Our Story

This is me and the Hubby.

We met back in 2006 when I was dragged to the pub by my uni house mate to celebrate her friend’s birthday  – this total stranger was a course mate of hers a few years above; he turned out to be quite a sweet chap, and we ended up going out dancing and bonding over our dodgy right knees.

I was seeing someone at the time, sort of (he was a bit useless, but he was also in the RAF which meant a nice uniform…).

Hubby and I became good friends, through the breakup with RAF guy, through another failed relationship with another useless eejit… I swore off useless men.

Me and the Hubby

We would stay up late watching Whose Line Is It Anyway, and sharing films we loved but the other hadn’t seen. I’d often crash at his. We’d gravitate towards each other at uni social events. We became inseparable, and perhaps a little co-dependant. That’s when the rumours started. It got worse, when in June, I went away with my house-mate and her other course mates to Newquay, and Hubby went to see the 24hr motor race in Le Mans – “Bec, why is he phoning you again? Isn’t he in France? It’ll be costing him a fortune…” Erm… awkward… That holiday was a turning point, and was when I realised I didn’t see him as just a friend any more…

In July 2007 we finally got our act together and went on a date. We officially moved in together in August 2008, but let’s face it, I’d basically been living there for a year already.

Hubby asked me to marry him in 2009 in London – it was unexpected and I guess you could say my response wasn’t what he was hoping for!! I spluttered a surprised “noooo…”, told him to get up off one knee because it would hurt his leg, called him a daft sod, and eventually said “Go on then!” I hadn’t even looked at the ring! He had intended to propose at the top of the London Eye, but it was shut for repairs, which was a bit of a blessing!!!

We kind of dragged our heels then, until 2012 when we started renting a place just the two of us – up until then we’d been sharing with people we went to uni with. And around a year later we decided to start trying for a family… well, not actively trying, but not trying not to – that was the official line. We thought it would take months. It took two weeks.

So 2013 was a bit of a busy year – we got married, we started looking for a house to buy… and in 2014 we had X (and bought that house…)

Since then, we’ve sold our lovely house in Birmingham for a house that needs some love in Northampton – we’ve got whole new adventures to have, but at the moment most of them consist of not finishing the kitchen and finally getting around to painting the lounge.

Becki and Rob 2015

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