Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Hello, I’m Becki. I’m a 30 something year old Stay at Home Mummy to X, who is almost 3, and wife to my long suffering Hubby. If you’d like to find out some bizarre and random facts about me, click here. Or perhaps you’d like to get in touch?

Ok, so we get the “mum” bit, but what on earth is a Brum when it’s at home?!

Brum is the nickname for my beloved hometown of Birmingham, UK. We don’t live there anymore since we upsticks and moved to Northamptonshire to be nearer Hubby’s work. But while you can take the girl out of Brum, you can’t take the Brummie out of the girl, bab!

Why do you blog?

The Mum From Brum started out as a way to post my photos and stories of X growing up that wasn’t just on Facebook – their photo compression is pants. Since then it’s become a great way to get my creative juices flowing, and something to concentrate on when my brain feels like its turning to mush after too much CBeebies and playing with toy cars.

Do you make money off your blog?

Short answer: sometimes. But we do often get some lovely things sent to us to review which we get to keep. I’ll always make sure to point out whether we’ve been paid (with money or goods) to post something in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

How do you edit your photos?

Really depends on a few things, but chances are its through a phone app called VSCO on my Samsung S7. I’m investing some time and money on Lightroom and Photoshop again, but for speed and style I can’t fault phone apps like VSCO, Snapseed, A Color Story, and Perfectly Clear.

Would you recommend starting a blog? Is it hard to set up?

Yeah, why not. Unless you want to go self hosted 99% of it can be done for free. You would be limited on themes etc but your content should be king to start with anyway! I’m not the most tech savvy person out there, but I’ve got this far on my own! Ha! If I can do it, so can you…

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or 10 duck sized horses?

I’m a lover not a fighter… plus I’m totally animal-phobic so I would genuinely just run away screaming.

How do you feel about posting you son’s pictures on the internet for the world to see?

This is a tricky one. He’s been on Facebook since he was less than a day old – it’s just part of the world we live in now. But I’ve always said that when he reaches an age where he understands what the internet is if he decides that they all need to come down then that is what we’ll do. It’s his image after all. I try to keep him safe – I’ve never posted his full name or any really personal details (poop details totes don’t count), or any “naked” photos.



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