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aboutHiya! Thanks for popping by my family, lifestyle and photo blog – The Mum From Brum. I’m Becki, a 30 year old Mum to toddler X and wife to a 33 year old Hubby. I’m originally from Birmingham, but now we live far from Spaghetti Junction, in the beautiful county of Northamptonshire. But while you can take the girl out of Birmingham, you can’t take the Brummie out of the Girl!

In 2015, 14 months into being a Mum, it suddenly struck me that my brain was slowly turning to mush (I always imagine it looked a bit like pink Angel Delight…) and I needed to do something about it!

I’d always enjoyed writing, although in the past I’d always struggled for inspiration – but now I was being fed new adventures and experiences every day thanks to my son, X.

So The Mum From Brum was born.

I’ve recently hit the big 3.0. and I’m still getting my head around my baby growing up much faster than I anticipated. I love documenting our days, or our Adventures and discussing our experience of issues surrounding motherhood – like my piece on Surviving Breastfeeding Week which was shared all across the globe in 2015, and my personal experience of Post Natal Care in the UK – as well as reviewing things we love!

And every so often I let the toddler loose on the keyboard for his very own Toddler Blog, where he discusses the ins and outs, and ups and downs of life as a two year old.

My hobbies include Family History Research (nerd alert, I know… but it’s fascinating), nurturing my Twitter Obsession, and in my very infrequent spare time I write and study using MOOCs like FutureLearn and SkillShare.

Thanks again for stopping by 🙂 Drop me a message and say hi 🙂

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or you can contact me below at becki@themumfrombrum.co.uk


– Becki –



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