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Why I Love Twitter | Blogtober17 Day 28

I know a lot of people don’t get Twitter. But it’s easily my favourite Social Media site and has been since I joined.

I have had a Twitter account since early 2009 and been a bit addicted ever since.

I’ve had the pleasure of conversations with Derren Brown, Simon Singh and Jodie Prenger on Twitter. It was thanks to Twitter (and the awesome Den of Geek) that I got to meet the Cast of Bill. I even had a bizarre chat with the rubber glove company Marigold.

I love how succinct the 140 character limit makes you – and in that respect I’m not keen on the fact that they’ve extended the character limit for some. I mean, even the threads of Tweets are better for their bite size sections.

As a lover of gifs, I was so excited when Twitter incorporated them – now you can say even more without using any words!

As a blogger, Twitter is a great way to find other bloggers to follow, get inspiration and information, but also strike up friendships and conversations with likeminded people. I’m guilty of not always being that engaging on Twitter but I think that’s more to do with the fact that I manage 4 accounts!! I get a bit muddled sometimes and dread tweeting the wrong thing on the wrong account!

Which is your favourite Social Media? 

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