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A-Z of Blogtober17 Day 26

I have totally cheated here. The prompt was “Zoo” but other than one trip when X was little and a grumpy old Chimpanzee threw a half eaten banana at us (and missed by about an inch) I dont have any Zoo related stories to share.

Instead, I thought I’d use today’s Z letter to round-up all the Blogtober17 posts I’ve published this year – I’m amazed I’ve got as far as Day 26 without throwing in the towel!


A – All About Me – All About Me

B – Babies – Babies vs Preschoolers

C – Cars – My Dream Family Cars

D – Date – Our First Date

E – Education – Online Education

F – Flowers – My Dream Garden Wishlist

G – Goals – 5 Years Time

H – Holiday – Summer Camping Holiday

I – Ice Cream – Ice Cream Themed Office

J – Joke – Top 9 British Comedies

K – Kitchen – Budget Kitchen Makeover

L – Love – Rush Of Love

M – Movies – Top 10 Cheer Up Movies

classic novels

N – Novels – 6 Classic Novels I Haven’t Read

O – Old Photos – Old Photos

P – Phobias – Phobias

Q – Quotes – Performing Quotes

R – Relaxation – Relaxation Techniques

S – Secret – Rosacea – My Secret Skin

T – Teenagers – A Letter To My Teenage Son

U – Unusual Crushes – Unusual Crushes

V – Villains and Superheroes – CBeebies Superheroes and Villains


W – Weather – Songs About The Weather

X – Xmas – Christmas | The Toddler Blogs

Y – Year In Review – The Last 365 Days


There’s just a few more posts to go until the end of Blogtober, and I am honestly amazed that I’ve got even this far (with just a few late ones) It has really helped to focus my mind back on the blog for a bit – it’s very easy to get distracted – and encouraged me to get my writing head back on.

What have you enjoyed most about Blogtober17?

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