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The Last 365 Days | Blogtober17 Day 25

The last 365 days have been a bit of a whirlwind for our little family. Our entire lives have changed.

It’s crazy to think that in 6 days time we’ll have owned our house here in Northampton for a whole year! I get little goosebumps when I look back at how different our lives have become since we got here.

Back when Hubby first unexpectedly got the job in his dream industry, there wasn’t a question of him not accepting it, despite the fact that it meant a 130mile commute every day. I was sad to be leaving Birmingham – other than brief stints living in Rugby and Tipton, I’d never lived outside of a B postcode! For me, it meant a lot of sacrifices – moving away from family and leaving my job – and it meant a lot of new travel-related anxieties.

Our house hunt was a nightmare, so this time last year, when we were waiting on the last few bits before exchanging on this house, was fairly stressful.  We’d already had one house fall through at a cost to us, so I can’t say I was feeling all that positive!

But the 1st of November rolled around with no issue, and we got the keys… to our new building site. Before we could move in, we had to have the whole house rewired, and we got stuck in ripping out the kitchen.

365 days

We finally moved in on the 19th of December – the kitchen wasn’t (and still isn’t) finished, and the scars from the electrical refit were (and still are in places) more than a bit obvious. But we got the tree up so that X could enjoy his first Christmas in the 3rd home he’d lived in!

The Last 365 Days

January passed without much drama, but February was full of it – but only the good kind! In a move that I wouldn’t have even considered back in Birmingham, I got in touch with the local am dram group. I was missing my old job at the theatre and wanted to keep a foot in, so I messaged the group via Facebook hoping to get involved backstage. Little did I know back then that I was starting out on something that would turn out to be AWESOME. I’ve made some amazing friends, and suddenly I have people to say hello to when we pop to the shop, which is a huge difference to our lives back in Birmingham.

March brought a mix of fortunes – rehearsals were going well for the show I had somehow been cast in, but then, on Mothers’ Day of all days, our ancient boiler finally packed in. We ended up having to fork out for a home improvement loan, but it’s ended up meaning we’ve paid off the kitchen and flooring as well as getting us a really efficient brand new boiler, and paid for a lot of paint to brighten up the otherwise magnolia hell that was the house!

March and April also saw us settling X into Nursery – I’d been dreading and desperately waiting for it in equal measure. He took to it like a duck to water initially but quickly ended up being very clingy at drop off, and upset at meal times. But he made friends, and he made a massive leap forward in terms of his social skills, although he also picked up a bit of an attitude and a penchant for hitting. And it was the month that X decided he wanted to stop wearing nappies – I can take very little credit for his potty training as he did it all himself! There was me hoping for loads of fantastic blogging fodder, but nope!

May was the performance – my first time acting since I was 19. We didn’t have huge crowds, but we had a lot of fun – I have genuinely made some lovely friends, and will always look back on The House of Fog with a heck of a lot of love (although those boots were a mistake…). I got to make silly noises behind a bush and yell at people about cooking prawns on my straighteners. They were a bizarre but wonderful few months!

In June I turned 31. And I had all my hair cut short! It was a wonderful summer of BBQs and watching X play in paddling pools with his cousins. July was full of adventures when we visited Stonehenge, and dug the tent out for the first time in years to go camping in Gloucestershire with our uni friends.


summer camping


In the last few months, we’ve attacked yet another room here, ripping out old built in wardrobes, plus had a short break to Wiltshire where we visited Lacock Abbey. And X got a playhouse, which I really need to get around to writing about! Right now I’m gearing up for my next production with Duston Players (Blackadder’s Christmas Carol), and looking forward to moving us into the front bedroom once we’ve got the new carpet down.

A whole 365 days here in Northampton. I still can’t quite believe it!




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