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With just two months now until Christmas eve, I thought I’d hand over the reins of The Mum From Brum to my darling 3 and a half year old…

Thanks Mum… first thing, we need to talk about this blog title. I’m not a toddler anymore. You’re supposed to the “influencer” here, so hows about you come up with something influential, hey?


Anyway, Christmas. Apparently, this is my 4th Christmas, but if I’m honest I don’t recall a great deal of the other ones. I mean, my memory of last year’s Christmas isn’t too bad – we’d just moved here and anything you put down for more than 30 seconds was covered in a fine sheen of plaster dust when you picked it up again. And I got some pretty awesome toys, mostly of the ELC Happyland variety. I also remember Mummy getting really stressed about getting the tree put up, which considering the rest of the house was a building site seemed completely illogical to me. And I wasn’t even 3.


My first Christmas

I’ve seen pictures from the last few Christmases, and what gets me is how little I’ve seen of the toys in said pictures. I mean, there was this massive ball ramp thing (it was a Fisher Price Ballapalooza – Becki) that looks AMAZING but I don’t remember playing with it. Mummy says I might have been too young, but that’s not the point, is it? Where is it now, hmmmmm?


This year I’ve got a much clearer idea of what I’d like. Mummy has told me to ask this Father Christmas chap for one present, and then tell her what I’d like off her and Daddy, but how can I narrow it down?

lots of happyland toys last year!

Christmas | The Toddler Blogs

Octonauts Octopod

I love the Octonauts. In fact, at nursery today we were playing Vets and I decided I was going to be Peso so I could heal all the animals that were sick or hurt. I have a toy Kwazii that came on the front of a magazine, but the paint is chipping off and the GUP didn’t want to float properly in the bath and now the stickers are coming off…

Mack from Disney’s Cars

Mummy used to put the film on a lot when I was little, something to do with me actually sitting still or something. But I refuse now. I haven’t got time to be watching a film! I’ve got a lot of serious playing to do, and lots of talking. It’s all about the Non-stop talking… but anyway, I have about 5 Lightning McQueens, so it would be great to have a Mack to go with them. In fact, I’ve asked Father Christmas for the biggest one he can bring me!

Dolls House

I’ve seen Mummy eyeing this one up on the computer, and she’s really keen for me to have one so I can play with my Happyland people in it. It would be awesome to have one – my grandparents have this old one that we all like to play with when we go over, so it would be ace to have one of my own.

More Octonauts

Price: Check on Amazon

Yup. I’m obsessed. But Mummy says that isn’t too bad a thing as I’m learning lots about important things like “the environment” “being kind” and “under the sea”. Or something. I just like Kwazii, and now call everyone “Matey”.




I’d love to know what your kids have on their Christmas Lists… mostly as I’m sure I’m missing stuff from this one! I need inspiration!

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