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CBeebies Superheroes and Villains | Blogtober17 Day 22

We love CBeebies in this house. X loves it because the shows are good, and I love it cause it means I can have a hot cup of tea! But there are good things and bad things about it – so here are my CBeebies Superheroes and Villains…



The King of being patient, and the type of parent I can only dream of being. How he didn’t completely flip when Bing broke his phone I do not know. I’d have cried.

superheroes and villains

Peso from Octonauts.

His mission is to help anyone who’s sick or hurt – how could he not be a Superhero? He’s so softly spoken and goes out of his way to make others feel better.

superheroes and villains

The Villagers of Greendale.

They should win awards for having not killed Postman Pat yet – does that man ever manage to deliver anything before the last minute?! And I bet most of those kids are his too…

superheroes and villains


Controlling the Squirrels while only being able to say “Woof” is super impressive. And that rain dance is epic. I really felt for him when he had to repaint the playhouse after Tino the Artistic Mouse encouraged the Squirrels to go mad with the colours.

superheroes and villains


Grand Master Glitch.

Now, I kinda love him cause he’s bonkers, but there’s a line in the “Jetting All Over The World” song that has stuck in X’s head where he says something along the lines of “I’m trying to be good”. So that’s now X’s excuse every time he’s naughty…

64 Zoo Lane.

Again, this is a lyric “Some like it hot, some like it chilly, and some like it both ways and that’s a bit silly…” Erm? In this day and age, such black and white mentality isn’t going to help us bring up a tolerant and open-minded generation, is it?

superheroes and villains

Peter Rabbit.

I’ve had issues with these stories since I was little – how does glorifying Peter and his friends stealing from Mr McGregor make good viewing/reading for kids?! What sort of example is that to set?

superheroes and villains

Pando from Bing.

xuperheroes and villains

Get off the swing, you selfish little s**t. And while we’re at it, Padget, how about you don’t enable him?!


How about you guys, are there any TV Superheroes you love, and Villains you love to hate?



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