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Unusual Crushes | Blogtober17 Day 21

I have a few Unusual Crushes over the years, but I’m fickle – they don’t tend to last very long! And when I get a crush I get a BIG crush and then it quickly fades and I move on.

Here are some of the more unusual ones I’ve had over the years (because there’s no way I’m revealing my current ones 😉 )

Chandler Bing

Yeah, not even Matthew Perry, the actual character of Chandler Bing. Especially during the season of Friends when he was getting together with Monica. OBSESSED doesn’t even cover it. I was about 12 when season 5 aired, so Chandler must have been one of my first proper crushes

Declan Donnelly

I still have soft spot for him. It was SM:tv LIVE that did it for me, I’ll be honest. I mean, I was always going to like CHUMS, what with being such a big Friends fan, but the whole show was amazing. It was Dec who had my heart though, absolutely. I got to meet him a few years back when I worked for a venue where they filmed the Britains Got Talent auditions – and he was lovely 😀

Russell Watson

This one came out of left field, if I’m honest. I enjoy classical crossover music, and he was on this awful BBC Celebrity singing show called “Just The Two Of Us” where celebs were teamed up with singers and they had to do duets. He won it in the end with actress Sian Reeves, but I think it’s cause they played up this will-they-wont-they relationship! I went to one of his tours – I was sat on the front row with someone else from his fan club (yep, I went THAT far). I got to shake his very sweaty hand at the end of the show too. I do still enjoy listening to his albums from time to time, but I wouldn’t spend any money on his gigs now, ha!


Alan Rickman

Thanks to Professor Snape. I love Snape, he’s the most interesting character in all of the Harry Potter books, and when I watched the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time I was smitten. I literally borrowed every film he’d ever been in from my school library (on VHS no less). Truly, Madly, Deeply had me crying all the way through, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is watched at least one or twice a year, and don’t even get me started on his Colonel Brandon in Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility. <3 <3 His passing last year broke my heart. Such a talented actor and, from everything I’ve heard, a genuinely lovely man.

Hayley Atwell

This one’s not that unusual. I mean, she’s stunning. And she’s slightly bonkers, which seems to be my type! She was amazing as Peggy in Captain America and Agent Carter, and she pops up in loads of period dramas like Mansfield Park and The Ruby in the Smoke.

Jonathan Wilkes

I saw Jonathan Wilkes as Frank N Furter in the 30th Anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show. He was AMAZING and is still my favourite Frank. Better known as Robbie Williams’ best friend, he ended up presenting on SM:tv, and doing musicals – I saw him in Godspell too, and he was brilliant, although then we went to Manchester to see him in Grease and I was really disappointed with it 🙁 My aunt, bless her, arranged for me to get a birthday card from him one year – I’m pretty sure it’s still safely inside my Robbie Williams autobiography!


Do you have any crushes you’d rather forget about, or look back on thinking “what on earth…?”



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