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Old Photos | Blogtober17 Day 15

I absolutely love old photos. They stir up memories like nothing else! As a bit of a family history addict, there’s nothing I like more than seeing an actual picture of an ancestor and imagining the kind of lives they led.

The fact that we use photos so much more these days than even just a few years ago, means sometimes we forget just how special photographs are.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from growing up that I will treasure forever:

old photos

Growing up, I spent so much time with my Grandparents – they didn’t live far away when I was really young, and we used to visit pretty much every weekend. Then they moved to Cornwall – it was heartbreaking, but it did mean that rather than spend every weekend with them, we’d spend the entire summer holidays with them instead. This was us on the boat back from St Michael’s Mount in Marazion. We had so many happy times there – even the 6 hour drive to get there wasn’t too much of a chore. I have so many wonderful memories from Cornwall, I can’t wait to X down there when he’s older.

old photos

My brother and I in a cardboard box full of polystyrene¬†peanuts! We haven’t always got along, and I wouldn’t say we’re close now as adults, but clearly, here, we were having the time of our lives. I always remember playing in the back garden with cardboard boxes, building the dodgy rope swing out of a broken exercise thing and some scratchy orange rope. We attempted to build dens out of cut branches off the huge conifer trees, but they never worked out.

old photos

Me and my lovely Grandma. I think this was in the porch of their house in Sutton, but the biggest thing that stands out here is how much X looked like me at the same age! Poor sod. My Grandma isn’t in too many photos, but I love the huge smile she has on her face! It’s like we’re matching!

old photos

The crimped hair. The huge plastic glasses… this could only have been the late 80s. This was at my aunt and uncle’s wedding, and my Dad took the picture. Shame about my strange little smile, otherwise it’s a gorgeous photo.

old photos

This one isn’t that old – 3 and a half years (and a bit). But life has changed so much since little munch came along! I remember taking this photo – we were still in hospital after a fairly traumatic birth. The annoying Bounty lady kept coming around offering to take photos, so the next time she wandered into the ward I made sure I had my DSLR ready as she wouldn’t believe that I was a photographer. He looks so peaceful here ūüôā




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