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Budget Kitchen Makeover | Blogtober17 Day 11

When we bought our house here in Northampton, we knew it was going to be a bit of a fixer-upper, but we fell in love with the beautifully bright kitchen diner.

Well, the space. The kitchen units themselves had seen far better days. Actually, that’s being kind – they were REVOLTING. The house had once been a well-loved family home but had spent the last 2 years as a rental with far from desirable tenants. Cue our Budget Kitchen Makeover!

While the units themselves were in OK physical condition, despite being dated, they were thick with years of grease and dust.

budget kitchen makeover

We decided we could throw a bit of money towards new units and appliances. Kitchens are not cheap though, and having just bought a house and having to pay out for a total electrical refit we didn’t have much to go on.

The space we had wasn’t flexible in the slightest – we couldn’t afford to be knocking down and replastering walls, so things like gas and water pipes were fixed features. Thanks to the electrical work we did manage to move a few sockets to more useful places though. In truth, our design ended up being very similar to the old set up, purely because it wasn’t a bad layout to start with.

However, we did decide to ditch the island/breakfast bar – the room is an amazing space and this chunck of worktop created a block – also I could just imagine X charging head first into it as he runs around the house!

Time was our biggest hurdle, we couldn’t get the initial Homebase kitchen we’d looked at until well after we’d moved in – we had the bonus of staying with Hubs’ parents until we had done some of the essential works, but I was desperate to be in by Christmas. So we ended up going into B&Q with our plans and coming out after a couple of hours with a kitchen on order!

budget kitchen makeover

In total, including the flooring and tiling (all of which my Hubby did by himself), and new appliances the whole revamp cost us in the region of £2500.

Budget Kitchen Makeover

We learned quite a few lessons during our refit though! And I truly understand why people pay a lot of money to have their kitchens fitted by professionals. It was a lot of stress, but we’re so happy with the final result.

budget kitchen makeover

I say the final result – there are bits we haven’t finished! It’s nearly been a year since it was delivered, but there are a few end panels and the cornice to fit still!

Budget Kitchen Makeover Lessons:

  1. Have a good idea of what you’d like before you go shopping. There are so many kitchen styles out there, it is easy to get swamped by ideas.
  2. Stick to your guns when it comes to your budget – things like handles and taps are far more expensive than you’d think, so factor those in before letting the number of cupboards and cost of appliances eat up all your cash.
  3. It will take longer than you think to fit. Probably because you’ll find you haven’t got the right filler or sealant, or you can’t decide what height the worktop should be, or you need to cut holes in the back of cupboards that you hadn’t anticipated. So leave more time than you think you’ll need to get everything done.
  4. The finishing touches take forever, but they’re not essential, and you don’t need to buy them all straight away.
  5. Prepare for things to not go smoothly – no matter how small a renovation, it is a lot of complicated work, so don’t be disheartened.
  6. It’s worth the hard work – if you get the improvement you wanted, then it’s worth putting in the hard work!

(and when we’ve put the end panels on, I’ll show you another picture… :D)


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