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Ice Cream Themed Office | Blogtober17 Day 9

Today’s Blogtober theme is Ice Cream, which has proved a bit problematic for me, as since I had my gallbladder removed I have developed Lactose Intolerance. Yep, so that means no Ice Cream for me (boooooooooo). So as I can’t eat it, I decided to combine the concept with my favourite non-edible thing – STATIONERY! Ice Cream Themed Office Goodies!

Ice Cream Lined A5 Scented Notebook – Paperchase, £10.00

ice cream themed office

How adorable are those wee stars and raspberries? According to the description, this notebook “Smells of yummy raspberries as you write”, which takes me back to high school days of scented gel pens 😀 I’m a sucker for a notebook, as my Hubby will attest – the cupboards are full of ones I’ve either not braved writing in, or written one thing and forgotten about. I think this would end up in the former category those, it’s just too cute to deface with words!

Ice Cream Themed Office

Ice Cream Paperclips (Set of 6) – Etsy (IzzyPopStationery), £3.00

ice cream themed office

Who doesn’t have space for more paper clips?! I have some great ones from Ikea, but I’ve never come across Ice Cream shaped ones before. They’d look amazing on my Bullet Journal, holding in all my to-do lists and tickets for things, and they’d make great summer month markers too.


Ice Cream Foam Stickers – Baker Ross, from £2.99 


ice cream themed office

Adorable little kawaii stickers – I especially like the sad-faced blue one, as it looks like the cone is a hat (it’s the simple things). These would be lovely for summer scrapbooking and birthday cards, and I’m certain X would love sticking them all over my house for me to find…


Novelty Ice Cream Scented Erasers – Amazon, £2.99

ice cream themed office

These are too cute to use (do you see why I end up with so much stationery now? I just hoard it…) and I’ve no idea what they smell like, but I love the colours, and they’d been a great addition to any ice cream themed desk, even if they never achieved their life ambition to rub out my mistakes…

Ice Cream Themed Office

Ice Cream Poster Set – Etsy (HelloTinge), £64.63

ice cream themed office

These are massive, this picture doesn’t do them justice. How productive would you be with these beauts beaming down on you? They’re colourful and sparkly, and friendly! I’d love these above my desk on the wall to bring a bit of colour and jollity to the room.


Ice Cream Cone Shelf – Etsy (CraftedPineCo), £60.00

ice cream themed office

Obviously, you’re going to need somewhere to put all of that charming Ice Cream Themed stationery. So how about these wooden ice cream themed shelves?! Whack a lightbox on the top, some ice cream bunting and fairy lights, and you’ve got a sweet treat for your wall!


Would you go for an ice cream themed office? Or would something like this just make you want to eat FABs all day long?




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