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5 Years Time | Blogtober17 Day 7

5 years is a long time. To think, 5 years ago I was living in a different city, living in a rented house with my fiance, and X wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes. Now we’re here in Northampton after buying and selling our first home, married with a 3 and a half-year-old! Imagine how much life will have changed in 5 years time!

I’ve been tagged by the absolutely fab Leslie over at MessyBlog in the In 5 Years Time tag – you can check out her answers here.

5 Years takes us to 2022 (which sounds horribly futuristic somehow). Hubs and I will have been married almost 8 years, and together for 15. X will be 8 and a half, and I’ll be 36!

Location in 5 years time…

I’m hoping beyond hope that we’ll still be here, in this house in Northampton (unless of course, we’ve won the lottery in the meantime, in which case we’ll be living in our self-built passive house and have featured on Grand Designs…) I have moved house literally every 2 and a bit years since I left home at 19 to go to university, so it would be great to really get settled here.

We bought this house last year and have done quite a lot to it, really, considering we sank every penny we had into it before we even moved in. In all fairness, in 11 months we’ve gutted and fitted the kitchen, had a new boiler installed, had all the electrics replaced, and brightened up most of the house. Hopefully, in 5 years time, we’ll have actually finished the front bedroom and put the end trims on the kitchen worktop…

5 years time


I love it here, I’ve made some lovely am dram friends, and the local schools will be amazing for X as he grows up.

Career in 5 years time…

This one all depends on a lot of little things. Right now I am, officially, a self-employed stay at home Mum, but there’s not a lot of actual employment going on. I’d like to hope that in 5 years time I’ll have finally plucked up the courage to start taking my photography more seriously, and perhaps be more involved with a profit-making theatre group, rather than just am dram. Perhaps I’ll have finally got back to studying at university and be on my way to a degree in Marketing.

Travel in 5 years time…

I’m not well travelled, but I would love to be. If the aforementioned lottery win comes through, we’ll be arranging a trip to do Route 66 in America – hire a big RV and spend a few weeks really taking everything in. With my realist head on, I hope we’ll have had a few holidays abroad – X has not been on a plane yet but would love to – and had loads of little family holidays here in the UK, camping or caravanning. If money allows, I would love us to have a little retro camper van of our own, so we can just take off of a weekend to make the most out of a National Trust or English Heritage membership.

5 years time

Finances in 5 years time…

When we bought our first house a mere 3 and a half years ago, we scraped together every scrap of money we could just to get our foot on the ladder. We were fortunate to take advantage of the Help to Buy scheme, and when we came to sell just 20 months later we’d managed to do just enough improvements to leave us with a good profit in a short amount of time. But Northampton is considerably more expensive than Birmingham was, so a similar size house cost us around £100,000 more. Granted, we are in a MUCH nicer area now, but still. We are not quite brassic right now, but disposable income is pretty rare. I would hope that in 5 years time we’ll be in a much better position, after a few remortgages and paying off our home improvement loan. I’m still holding out for that lottery win, mind…

Family in 5 years time…

It’s no secret that Hubs and I would like at least one more child. This last year of house and city moving and starting over hasn’t been the best time really to think about it, but fingers crossed in 5 years time X will no longer be an only child. Obviously, since I had my ovary removed I don’t know how possible this is, so only time will tell.

5 years time

In 5 years time, I hope to be happy and settled, still here in Northampton, and making steps towards running my own business.

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7 thoughts on “5 Years Time | Blogtober17 Day 7

  1. Ahh what a lovely way of looking at the future. Like you, I would LOVE to own a little campervan and just be able to up and travel to wherever I wanted. You have come so far in the past five years, it’s amazing what we can achieve in what feels like such a small amount of time!

  2. We were planning a trip across America… We were going to fly to New York, hire and RV, zig zag all the way to Vegas and get married there. BU then I found out I was pregnant and it got postponed for a very long time. Hope you get to go, I’ll be so jealous but so excited for you. Thanks for the mention 🙂

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