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Dream Garden Wishlist | Blogtober17

I have struggled with today’s prompt because I’m not really a flowery person. Besides the fact that I suffer from hayfever and I’m terrified of bees and wasps, I also not very good at keeping flowers ALIVE.

Oh and I hate gardening. If it was up to me, I’d probably have a half patio half grass situation and pay someone else to mow it.

If we won the lottery, I can just imagine the type of garden space we’d have – so I thought I’d make a Dream Garden Wishlist (just in case our numbers come up…)

It’d be surrounded by a tall old red brick wall – I have a huge soft spot for red brick. I can just imagine it running around the outside, draped with ivy, with a wooden gate in an archway to get into a secret little section. Depending on the outside views, it’d be lovely to have a few steps up to a little viewing balcony too.

So we’ve got the backdrop, now it’s time to do some window shopping (is it still called window shopping when it’s on the internet?)

Dream Garden Wishlist

  1. Fairy Lights like these beautiful ones on Amazon. I love the industrial look, and I bet they’d look amazing with the red bricks, hanging all over the place. 
  2. Garden Furniture Going along with the sort of Victoriana Industrial Theme, I have slightly fallen in love with this furniture set from Homebase – definitely one to dream of though at that price! 
  3.  Beautiful Planters – Ok, so I might not be a huge fan of flowers, but it would be nice to have something like this Whiskey Barrel from B&Q to have kitchen herbs in. Imagine this full of Rosemary! 
  4. This is a biggie – a garden office! I’d love somewhere to have as just my space – space to write and blog and maybe even use as the occasional photography studio. X has a playhouse but this would be a whole other ball game!
  5. And lastly, no dream garden would be complete without a tree swing. We had one as kids… well, sort of. From memory, it was the handles of some broken exercise stretching thing (god bless the 90s) and some scratchy orange rope. But it was awesome and I loved it. Something like this would be a bit of a step up though I think…

What would you have in your dream garden wishlist?


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