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Online Education | Blogtober17 Day 5

Hello. My name is Rebecca. And I am a giant nerd.

I was THAT kid at school – I loved it. I loved learning. I loved reading. I loved maths. And I hated P.E.

And I suppose I was pretty good at school – I was a straight A student up until my A levels, and then I was an A and B student. I coasted my way through school and college, then rather hit a wall at university. It was like my brain wasn’t interested in absorbing any more information! I dropped out in my second year because it just wasn’t working me for me, at all.

online education

Online Education

That’s not to say I’ve ever stopped learning – I regularly undertake the free online courses run by the Open University, and sites like Skillshare and Future Learn. They’re amazing sites where you can learn all sort of random and interesting things! I’ve done courses on Screenwriting and Storytelling, modules on the anatomy of the abdomen and business skills, and I’m currently finishing my first full course from NCC – a diploma in Creative Writing.

I love learning online – I started when X was a baby and used to have enormous naps during the day. There was only so much on Netflix I could watch before my already soggy baby brain threatened to give up altogether. That’s when I found Skillshare and threw myself right into a screenwriting course. I even wrote a whole short film script which got some amazing feedback. I hope to be able to make it one day.

online education

Given the chance, and the money, I would go back to Uni in a heartbeat. I’d love to get a degree in Marketing, but taking on modules in writing and film to keep my creative side in check.

But for now, online learning is keeping my brain sharp, and fit for a whole range of general knowledge quizzes…

If you had the chance to study something new, what would it be?




3 thoughts on “Online Education | Blogtober17 Day 5

  1. I did RSA Typing & Business Studies at school (shows how old I am!) It’s all very outdated now and not applicable to the digital world

    I’d love to do something along the lines of Digital Business Studies and accounting. But a short course.

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