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Our First Date | Blogtober17 Day 4

Hubs and I have been together for a little over 10 years now – which is a scary thought when realistically I don’t feel like I’m any older than when we met!

Hubs and I before we were officially dating

We celebrate our anniversary of being a couple on the 13th of July, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

In the late Autumn of 2006, as I wandered through my living room in my shared rental house in my pyjamas, there was a guy sitting on my sofa. I didn’t imagine then that almost 11 years later we’d be married with a son!

Our first date was to the little Indian restaurant at the end of his road – we’d ordered takeaway from there many a time, and it was our first port of call if we fancied a meal out. Girls Aloud and Westlife had ordered from there, or at least, that’s what the newspaper clippings on the wall said!

It wasn’t a particularly romantic first date – I can’t say either of us are the romantic sort. Plus there was no anticipation of a first kiss… that had happened many months earlier! In true student night out fashion, there had been a drunken kissing episode not long after we met, but we settled into a close friendship shortly after. And then something slightly more, but we never made anything official.

We’ve been back to that same restaurant a few times, and it was never really the same – and the reviews on Trip Advisor seem to suggest we got to experience it at its best all those years ago.

No one knew we went on this date – somehow we’d kept our “more than friendship” status a secret from everyone around us for almost 6 months so it wasn’t too tricky to keep this from them too. It wasn’t until a few months later that we decided to tell everyone – but to be honest, everyone had suspected something was going on for quite some time!

our wedding day, with my parents and Grandparents and baby bump!


For our 10th anniversary this July, we couldn’t exactly take a trip back to Selly Oak – we live in Northampton these days! So instead we ordered a takeaway, grabbed a cider for him and a beer for me, whacked on a film, and had a date in our living room.


I’d love to hear your first date stories!



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