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Babies vs Preschoolers – Blogtober17 Day 2

Today’s theme is “Babies” – I only have the one, my lovely little man, X. And he’s hardly a baby now at 3 and a half years old. So I thought I’d run a little comparisson – which is better? Babies or Preschoolers?

  1. Sleeping –  well, the Preschooler would obviously win out here, wouldn’t they? X sleeps roughly 11 hours a night, usually without waking these days. Back when he was a baby, it’d be a 5 hour stint from about 11pm, and then another 2 hour stint from 5am if we were lucky. BUT he’d also have a daytime nap – oh how I miss the daytime naps! Sure, the battle to get him to sleep wasn’t the most fun, but once he was out I’d got two hours of Netflix binge and quiet! These days if he has a nap his 7pm bedtime suddenly becomes at 10pm bedtime and two very harassed parents. WINNER: I think this one’s a draw.
  2. Eating – We ended up bottlefeeding X, so feeding duties were shared out among a lot of people over his first year! Once he started weaning we had a lot of fun – we didn’t really follow a set route, more a combination of purees and baby led where he just helped himself to the solids he wanted. He’d give everything a go, although he hated parnips. Preschooler X is considerably more fussy. Heaven help me if his sandwich isn’t cut up the way he’d not told me he wanted, or his carrot is the wrong size. WINNER: Babies win out here. They make more mess, but they’re far cuter with it…
  3. Travelling – Baby car seats and the fact that they come out of the car and straight onto a buggy might tip the scales their way on this one. Fighting a child into a car seat can be an utter nightmare – we’re fortunate that X is pretty chill about being in his. And while it’s great that babies often fall asleep in the car, X having disaster naps on 20 minute journeys usually then screws up bedtime for all of us. HOWEVER, as a regular user of public transport, it’s a lot easier now I don’t have to take a buggy with me and battle for the sacred pushchair spaces. WINNER: It’s a draw again
  4. Toys – Baby toys are soft and squishy, brightly coloured and make a lot of noise. Preschooler toys are hard and small and easily stood on, brightly coloured and make the preschooler make a lot of noise. Granted, preschooler toys are more fun to play with as an adult, but they do seem to have the ability to multiply over night. WINNER: Neither. They’re both a pain!
  5. Clothes – Baby clothes are the cutest thing known to man, they’re so tiny and adorable! But by god do they grow out of them quickly. No sooner have they finally grown enough to fit into the outfit that great aunty so and so bought, than they’ve grown out of it again. Preschoolers clothes fit for a bit longer, it seems, although they are far greater at risk of the holey knee situation, and grass stain scenarios. WINNER: Purely on the reduction of number of poppers – Preschoolers.

RESULT: It’s a draw.

I had a bad relationship with the baby stage, what with failing to breastfeed, and having a very sicky baby, on top of zero sleep and a house move. I loved the toddler phase, but preschool is presenting us with whole new challenges every day. The best thing about all stages though are the milestones – the “official” ones and the funny ones. The first time they roll over, the first time they crawl, first steps, first teeth, first words, first time they overhear you swearing and try to copy…

Which did you prefer? What have I got to look forward to as he gets older?!

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment all about… Cars!


5 thoughts on “Babies vs Preschoolers – Blogtober17 Day 2

  1. Loved this post! Still in the baby stage with mine but looks like pre-school will be fun too. I am so sick of poppers but oh my god baby clothes are cute, I will miss them!

  2. I love this post – I can relate to a lot of it! My two year old has just started dropping his nap completely and although I miss it, I don’t miss the three hour bedtimes that it led to! Being mum to a two year old and a four year old I have to say that three is my favourite age so far. They can talk, eat without making too much mess, mostly sleep but they still give great cuddles and are loads of fun! #blogtober

  3. I dunno, even with the toddler tantrums and the toys everywhere that I nearly break my neck on… I think I prefer 2-2.5 than I did Spike as a baby. She has such a personality now!

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