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As you know, we love a good book! So we were over the moon when local Northampton author, Gary Sheppard, got in touch and asked us to review his latest children’s story – As Nice As Pie.

As Nice As Pie tells the story of Mavis Manewaring, a lovely lady who loves to bake, and who starts to feed the little bird in her garden. Word spreads amongst the bird community it seems, and soon the solitary little bird has turned into dozens. They quickly take advantage of Mavis’ delicious food and generosity, and she has to take dramatic measures to regain control!

as nice as pie review

We’re all guilty of letting people take us for a bit of ride from time to time, so I really loved the way that Mavis stood up for herself, put her foot down and made the birds earn their crust (deliberate pun…) It’s a lesson we could all do well to remember from time to time – our efforts are important, and we should make sure we’re not exploited by those with something to gain.

I love that this is a rhyming story – not only are they more fun to read, but I find that X gets a lot out of it too. When the language has this sort of rhythm it’s easier for him to get involved and remember.

as nice as pie review

The illustrations by Tim Budgen in this book are adorable too – plenty of bold bright colours and there is a huge variety of different birds. We’re fortunate to get a lot of birds in our garden here, so it’s been great for helping X to learn their names. Personally, I particularly like Mavis’ glasses – I’d quite like a pair!

as nice as pie review

Disclaimer: We were contacted and asked to review As Nice As Pie in return for our copy. We only ever post honest reviews!


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  1. Gosh, I think I could learn a lot from reading this book myself 😉 I have trouble saying the ‘no’ word and it causes me all-sorts of stress! Love the illustrations in it and what a wonderful moral to the story. Thanks for sharing on #bigpinklink! x

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