#NotThe33 – Are You Registered To Vote?


#NotThe33: It’s hard to escape the fact that we’re quickly heading towards yet another General Election… yes I can hear the eye rolls from here – but this isn’t a post to try to persuade you to vote in a particular way.

This is a post to actually get you to vote.

Did you know the turnout at the last General Election was 66.1%? That means only two thirds of those able to vote actually bothered to – and that figure includes spoiled ballot papers. So what about the 33.9% of the population who didn’t vote? The most persistent argument people give for not voting is that they believe their vote doesn’t mean anything.

But it does! If everyone of those 33.9% actually voted it could have changed things dramatically. In fact, the number of people who didn’t vote OUTNUMBERED the total number of votes received by any party. Plus, you can’t moan about the people in charge if you didn’t have your say in who that was.

Today, May 22nd, is your last chance to register to vote in the General Election on the 8th of June.

So, how about while you’re here reading this, you click here : to do just that.

It’s ok… I’ll wait while you do it…





I’m passionate that everyone should use their right to vote – as a woman I am consciously aware that people died for my right to put a cross in a box every 4 or 5 years, and I haven’t missed an opportunity to do that since I turned 18.

Not sure who to vote for? Politics can be a minefield of spin and mudslinging, and it can be so tricky to figure out a) what they’re actually saying, and b) what it really means for you.

Personally, this election for me comes down to the NHS – something I believe the Torys are slowly destroying. I can’t stomach the thought of my son growing up in a world where access to healthcare depends solely on the amount of money in your pocket. Without the NHS I’d have died, pure and simple. But I’m not here to lecture you into voting one way or another.

I just want you to VOTE. Be part of the voting population – Not the 33.

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