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We love being Boolino Friends! It means we get sent some amazing books to review – X is always super excited when a new book lands on the doormat and “I’m Going To Eat This Ant”  by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros was no exception. He couldn’t wait to get right into reading it.

“I’m Going To Eat This Ant” tells the story of a hungry anteater who has a hankering for an ant… but wants to spice it up a bit. He talks about all the different ways he could prepare the ant to make his meal more interesting – served in a sandwich, or sliced, or stir-fried, or even sun dried!

Going To Eat This Ant

But the anteater hasn’t taken into account the clever little ant, who doesn’t fancy being eaten, let alone made into a soup, and he makes sure the hungry anteater gets his comeuppance!

The illustrations are really playful – the ant is particularly cute! There are great images for each of the cooking types, which could be a great learning tool for kitchen skills (although I wouldn’t recommend eating an ant lollipop!) It’s a fun story to read, although there are a lot of ssss sounds, which makes it a little tricky when you have a bit of a lisp like me. It’s also a nice big book, so the beautiful illustrations are amazingly detailed and clear.

Going To Eat This Ant

“I’m Going To Eat This Ant” is quickly becoming one of our favourite bed time stories to read as it’s not very long but there’s a lot to look at, and there’s a lot of scope to put on silly voices – which always makes a bedtime story more fun to read as a parent!


Disclaimer: As a Boolino Friend, we often get set interesting new books in return for an honest review here on The Mum From Brum. This is one of those times! 

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