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Why I Study Online

Why I Study Online

When X was little and used to have a sizeable nap in the middle of the day (oh those were the days) I found myself at a loss as to what to do. There were only so many times I could tiptoe around the house and quietly do the washing up before I started to go mad.

I think the first time I came across a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) was an advert for Future Learn on Facebook. They have hundreds of courses over loads of different subjects, all of which are free (if you don’t need a Certificate at the end of it) and can be studied over a few hours a week. I’ve just started their Persuasive Communication course this week.

With Future Learn I’ve studied their Start Writing Fiction course (twice now!), courses about Shakespeare, childhood in the digital age, and one about the human abdomen (I mean, why not!) The courses are all done online with video lectures, and each bit is broken down into small chunks – great for dipping in and out of when the little ones are asleep!

It’s fair to say I got bit addicted to these courses – they challenged my brain in a way that didn’t take up too much time, and absolutely no money!

That’s when I came across Skill Share – this is a site that you can get a subscription to access the premium courses, but there are also a load available for free. Plus they do the occasional 3 month subscription for £0.99p, which is plenty of time to get a few premium courses done.

I took advantage of their cheap sub, and took a Screenwriting course – which was amazingly helpful with brilliant feedback from the course tutor. He reckoned I should try to produce my short film script which was a lovely feeling and inspired me to keep learning and writing.

Why I Study Online

Now that X is at nursery two days a week, I’m thinking it’s time to start looking into something a bit more intense – perhaps an Open University course (if we can afford it) or similar with a proper qualification.

Do you study online? Are there any courses you would recommend, or that you wouldn’t? How do you fit in your studying around work and parenting?

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