10 Reasons I’m #rockingmotherhood

A little while ago I was tagged in White Camillas #rockingmotherhood Tag by Claire over at The Pramshed. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves as parents; the difficult moments stay in our heads far more tenaciously than the little lovely everyday things. So this fab tag is a reminder of all the amazing things we do that mean we’re rocking motherhood, and a way to focus on the positives.



So here’s 10 reasons why I’m #rockingmotherhood

1. Managed two house moves since X was born: A quirk of my life means I’ve moved house pretty much every 2 years since I left home for university when I was 19. And since X is now 3 that means he’s already lived in 3 houses! Hopefully we’re staying put for a while now in our lovely (it will be lovely, when we’ve finished it) home in Northampton. Moving house is never much fun at the best of times, but we’ve managed it now with a 3 month old, and then a 2 and a half year old. I think we might deserve a medal.

2. I have a wonderfully polite little man: I remember about a year ago, X was in a Surestart creche while I did a First Aid Course. The creche phoned the training room and said that X was beside himself and could I come back. He was sobbing his little heart out, but still managing to use Please and Thank You. “X, would you like a drink?” “Yes… sob… please… Mummy… sob… thank… sob… you…” I’ve never forced him to say Please and Thank You, but he does get a gentle reminder when he forgets. Not that that happens often.

3. Potty Training: I won’t lie, I’ve been DREADING potty training. X had shown a few signs over the last year that he was aware but then as soon as he had one accident he went back to wanting nappies. But X pretty much potty trained himself about a month ago, and I’ve been left in awe of how brilliant he is. We had a fairly major hurdle when it came to poops on the potty, but somehow he’s even overcome that. I’m not sure that this one is more about me rocking motherhood, or just rocking not having a nervous breakdown about it.

4. I’ve only had one alcoholic beverage since September: Yup. One. I think this probably means I’m going to be ruthlessly ejected from the Cool Mum Club (like I was ever in it in the first place… ha!) because I don’t drink at all, let alone drink the Mums Choice of Gin. I had one pint of so-so cider on a very rare night out recently, and it didn’t really do much for me. But the fact that I’ve made it through potty training and X starting nursery without having to turn to the bottle is something to be proud of, I think!

5. I’ve only forgotten 4 cups of tea so far this week: Make that 5, while I was writing this it’s gone cold.

6. We’re functioning without family nearby: This move away from Birmingham has been tough – I still feel quite isolated. And while I have bad days, and days I wish I could still run over to my Mom’s at the weekend for a hot cooked meal that I haven’t had to slave over, I do love our new home, and our new area. Yes, it’s much tougher when we can’t just drop X off with my Mom for a few hours so we can get things done, especially in the midst of home renovations, but we’re doing it. So we’re winning all around.

7. X loves learning: He asks questions all the time, and he loves to tell people how things work. I’m so proud of my inquisitive little man. I’d like to think it’s because I try to turn things into fun, educational, learning opportunities, but I’m not sure how much I’m responsible for. I taught X about shadows, which meant I could teach him about the Sun (and any opportunity to sing They Might Be Giant’s “Why Does The Sun Shine” is fine by me.)

8. I’m trying to embrace X for who he is: This is tough – while a lot of the time I see myself in him, there’s a lot that’s the polar opposite. He’s always so full of energy, always after someone to play with, which isn’t at all like me – I’m a couch potato and a loner! It’s hard for me to get involved sometimes but I’m trying. He’s at the age now where he can choose what he likes to wear (although he’s not one for dressing up… I can’t imagine taking him out in a super hero costume!) and it might not be what I’d like him to wear, but I’m all for him finding his own style that matches his personality… or just something that he thinks is cool.

9. I’m learning to let go: After X was born I sank into a pit of Post Natal Anxiety – and it culminated in me not really being able to let him out of my sight. I want X to grow up to be independent but letting him run free has always been quite difficult for me. When he decided he no longer wanted to use his potty downstairs, but use the upstairs toilet instead, I had to fight every instinct against him going up and down the stairs by himself. But I’ve done it. And he’s growing more independent by the second, it seems. He still holds my hand when we’re out walking though – I’m not in any rush for that to end!

10. I’m never too busy for a cuddle: It doesn’t matter if I’m knee deep in a blog post, or the washing up, or sometimes if I’m in the shower – chances are if X asks for a cuddle he can have one. He’s a cuddle monster, and always has been, and he gives a cracking cuddle himself, so I’m always ready with open arms if he asks. One day he wont want “Mummy Cuddles”, so I’m making the most of that now. I’m never too busy for a cuddle for anyone, if I’m honest… although I might make you wait until I’m out of the shower…


Here are the Rules

  1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10. I really don’t mind.
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That was surprisingly difficult! Are you #rockingmotherhood too? I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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