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Why I Use A Bullet Journal

Why I Use A Bullet Journal

Why do you use a Bullet Journal, Bex? Well, for the past… oh million years?! I’ve been looking for my planner peace – that perfect journal that has everything I need to organise, or at least to pretend to organise, my entire life.

I’ve had Filofaxes. I’ve had expensive diaries. I’ve had cheap diaries. I thought I’d come close to my peace with the lovely Organised Mum Life Book Organiser, but that peace was not to last.

They’re never quite exactly what I need.

When I came across the Bullet Journal phenomena on Pinterest early last year I was HOOKED. They all looked so beautiful, and honestly, any excuse to buy stationery is fine by me.

I went out and bought myself a nice, middle of the range note book – a Leuchtturm 1917  – at £14 it is not the cheapest, but the paper quality is lovely and they come in all sorts of colours and paper types. Initially I wanted squares, but they only had the grey I wanted in lined or dotted. So dotted it was – and I’m glad, dotted is totally the best way to go!

My tip for starting out is DON’T PANIC! Perfection isn’t everything, and while you can peruse Pinterest and see thousands of images of immaculately decorated journals, you probably don’t have the time to spend on it to make yours look like that. To to be honest, I cocked up on the first page and I think that was a blessing in disguise. There I was, cooing over this gorgeous notebook, and I managed to draw a wonky line. My heart sank. But then I got over it – and now if I make a mistake it doesn’t matter.

I tried to keep it neat – I tried to follow all the “rules” of Bujoing (as I think the cool kids call it) but quickly realised that this wasn’t quite for me.

Now, I’m almost a year in and it follows very little pattern at all – but I still love it to bits. I’ve got into a bit of a routine that works for me, but that’s the joy of these journals – they can be exactly what you need right now… and then exactly what you need in a few weeks time.

For example, I now keep track of my Weightloss rather than tracking when I slip and have Full Fat Coke (which is very rare these days – that tracker helped me break that habit). While we were moving house it was a great place to make lists of things to do, jotting down memories or conversations with estate agents, or making pros and cons lists.

I sit down at the end of the month to create the Month on 2 pages layout I use for every month, and make a section for any important dates coming up in the following 2 months too – birthdays, anniversaries, events etc. I have a Future Log somewhere, but to be honest I rarely look at it.

Then each week gets its own two page spread, which I tend to do relatively quickly the day before the new week starts so I can copy any events into it. Then over the week as and when I get chance I might do some decoration, or write down a quote or two that sums up the time of year or something we’ve done. X has started saying some hilarious things lately, so those get written in too 🙂

Not every week gets the chance to be doodled on. Sometimes they don’t get finished at all. So there are weeks full of letters and notes about the weather… and then there are weeks like the one above!

When I’m stressed, I flip through a find a page that has nothing on it – I’m still a sucker for keeping certain things in a certain order, so blank pages are going to happen from time to time – and I decorate it. It’s nice to spend a bit of time concentrating on being creative, and I find it really helps with my stress levels.

If, like me, you’re struggling to find your planner peace, I’d really recommend giving a Bullet Journal a go!

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16 thoughts on “Why I Use A Bullet Journal

  1. Oooh this looks good! I have tons of notebooks but I’m not organised with it at all. I’m also not creative in terms of drawing etc so I wouldn’t be very good at decorating these! Yours looks fab though and it’s great that it can be so flexible to fit into whatever you need. #DreamTeam

  2. I started BuJo-ing in August last year and I am also hooked. I am just setting up my final month in my purple Leuchtturm 1917. Then in May have a new turquoise one which I am VERY excited about. They are definitely worth the money. Mine has been lugged around for 5 months and it’s still in amazing condition. #DreamTeam
    Angela Watling recently posted…A decade of blogging…. My Profile

  3. I’ve started using a bullet journal this year. I say started…I start, and do really well for a few days or a couple of weeks, and then completely forget about it until I see it lying there on the shelf in all its bright yellow glory, looking completely lost. Who cares about getting my kid into a routine…I need to get myself into a routine!
    Rachel recently posted…If My Toddler Ruled The WorldMy Profile

  4. This looks fab not sure I would use one becausemy life is on my phone fab post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. I hadn’t heard of Bu-Joing but I absolutely love it! I’m such a stationery geek and this is right up my street. You are so creative and I really admire your attention to detail. You will want to keep your journals for ever to look back on! Totally precious. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  6. Fab journal and I love your doodles, very artistic ?
    It’s nice that you document your little mans funny sayings too, nice to look back on.
    I’m a sucker for stationary and especially my bullet journal, couldn’t be without it now!
    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. Hope to see you next week x

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