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Ultimate Blog Planner | Review

Ultimate Blog Planner Review

As we slipped into 2017, I made a bit of a deal with myself. I’d reached a point with this blog where I either needed to dedicate a bit more time and effort into making it worth the amount of time I was putting in, or give up.

And I didn’t really want to give up. I joined loads of groups for more blogger support – how I’d not joined these communities before I really don’t know, and they’re proving to be absolute godsends – and told Hubby, much to his dismay, that I needed a dedicated Blogging Notebook for jotting down ideas and making sure I get all the stuff done that needs to get done.

I’d had a blog planner last year, but I found it quite restrictive if you don’t post every day.  What I needed was somewhere to write down my ideas as soon as I had them, with a tick list of when I’d completed the photos and published them.

So I asked in one of the Facebook blogger support groups – and was inundated with stories of which planners worked for who, with serious differences in price! They ranged from cheap A5 jotter pads to £150+ leather bound, customised, glorious looking things. But then someone mentioned checking out Dot Creates’ Ultimate Blog Planner.

I fell in LOVE. It’s beautiful, and exactly what I was after! Dot Creates is an independent shop run by Designer Danielle Timcke, filled with stunning handlettering items like postcards and notebooks, but other cute stuff too like pencils and stickers. All of which I would buy if I had the money handy (sorry Hubby!)

I went for the Ultimate Blog Planner and the Blog Planner Notepad to keep in my handbag in case inspiration suddenly decided to strike. They have the same layout, which is great for consistency.

Ultimate Blog Planner Review

Each page is for one blog post. It’s undated so you could use it for daily posts if that’s how you roll, but as I’m a two posts a week sort of gal it works great this way too. Every 30 pages or so there is some more of Danielle’s beautiful handlettering in inspirational quotes to keep you going.


Practically, there is space to write down all sponsored posts and reviews that need completing, with room for noting contacts and the like.

And on the back of each quote, there is a space for keeping a track of your Blogger Stats like Social Media followers.

Beyond the aesthetics, the paper quality is lovely, the printing is lovely, the ring binding is lovely… if you haven’t guessed, I think the whole thing is LOVELY.


Please go and check out Danielle and Dot Creates over on Instagram and Twitter – she’s just as lovely as her products!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Ultimate Blog Planner and Blog Planner Notepad with my own money; I’ve reviewed them because I LOVE them!

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Planner | Review

  1. Looks cool! (And you’re far more organised than I am! My blogging can be kindly described as organised chaos – emphasis on the chaos! If I didn’t have coffee, nothing would get done!) 🙂 #RV&HT

  2. This planner looks great! I haven’t yet invested in one but I know that I need one asap! I currently write everything in a little book and it is not very organised as you can imagine! 🙂


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