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Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis – Week 2

Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Review – Week 2

So this week’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions were about Mental Detoxing. This post has taken a bit longer to compile for a few reasons.

If I’m honest, I’m struggling to find the time to get the set number of sessions in, as well as remembering to fill in my food diary. This session is shorter, and I certainly found that I relaxed a lot quicker once I started it, but I think having a lot going on in my life at the moment has made it tricky to stick to. My son starts nursery in a fortnight so hopefully I’ll be able to dedicate some time in the day then to listen to the sessions – I’m unsure if I’m genuinely falling asleep before the end of the recordings as I only get chance to listen to them at about 9pm. And when your kid is up at 6am, 9pm is definitely bedtime!

The Mental Detox covers bad experiences that are keeping our thinking in a holding pattern. Thing is, I’m not sure I have any of these “bad experiences”. I know why I eat – because I like food. I like sugar. And I know why I’m overweight – because for most of my life I haven’t exercised!! I’m not in denial about my size (although Hubs always says I’m smaller than I say I am, but body dysmorphia or not, I’m not a healthy size), I don’t eat because I’m sad or because I don’t think I’m worth the effort to eat well. I’m just lazy.

This course, and blogging about it, is forcing me to accept that fact that I need some accountability – I need a goal to reach for motivation. Being on stage in May is my target – not only do I not want my co-star to put his back out, but I honestly think my confidence will come on leaps and bounds if I jiggle a little less (or at least, jiggle attractively ha!).

Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Review – Week 2

The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis course is pushing me to try things – I’ve started a 30 day fitness challenge (which admittedly, I’m doing every other day because every day was too much for my non-existent abs), I’ve meal planned for this whole week with limited Slimming World syns, and I’m generally moving more. Also, spending that 25-40 mins listening to the hypnosis session is meaning I’m actively seeking out some relaxation time that doesn’t involve the internet or playing games on my phone.

Generally, I’m feeling a bit more positive about myself, even if I don’t always seem that way. Yesterday I had a panic attack for the first time in a long while, and lost it with X. My anxiety went up through the roof from nowhere. But unlike in the past, where I would have found excuses for not completing my obligations when I felt all fizzly, I pushed through. I went to rehearsal and honestly had the best time, even though I felt like I was going to throw up before I left the house.

I know it’s not all related to the hypnosis course, but perhaps just the psychosomatic effect of doing something positive just for ME is going to be a catalyst for real change.


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Disclaimer: I have been given full access to the Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis course free of charge in return for writing this post.


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