Kidloland Kids App | Review

Kidloland Kids App | Review

Kids and tech is always going to be a contentious issue. Personally, I think we’re heading into a world where technology is going to be moving so quickly, and so essential to our existence, that learning how to use things like tablets and computers from a young age is only going to be beneficial later in life. It’s mad to think that when I was X’s age we only had 4 TV channels, and now look at all the information and entertainment he has available at his finger tips!

For his 3rd birthday we decided to get him a kid proof tablet, where I could happily let him use it independently. So when the folks from Kidloland got in touch and asked if X would like to try out their subscription games app, we jumped at the chance.

Kidloland is an educational subscription app aimed at children aged 0-5years. It is a collection of over 1000 nursery rhymes, games and puzzles aimed at teaching them about Phonics, Counting and problem solving, amongst a lot of others! The subscription costs £29.99 for a year (which is the cheapest option), or £3.99 a month, and is available through Android, iOS and on the Amazon App Store for Fire devices. There’s even a 7 day free trial so you can try before you buy.

The app is constantly being updated with new games and puzzles – which is why the subscription service is so great! Imagine having to buy each new game that was added – the subscription includes all the available games and songs so it’s amazing value for money. You could easily pay £2.99 for an app with a fraction of the content that your child would bore of in a few days. And there are no ads, which is a real plus.

The app also works fully offline – you only need access to the internet to install any additional games. X has been going through downloading most of them, which is taking up quite a bit of room on his Fire, but they’re super easy to delete again through the settings menu.

Kidloland Kids App | Review

The animations are really bright and playful – perhaps a little simple but that’s perfect for the 0 to 5 age group. X really loves the puzzles, and has found a new love of Dot to Dots! It’s really helping with his concentration and his dexterity.

My only niggle, I think, would be that this is an American app, with American voices – I’ve always tended to stay away from them as X is a bit of a sponge when it comes to language. The accent is mild but it does say Zee instead of Zed, which is a real bugbear of mine!

But it is a great app – I can certainly see X getting a lot of use out of it, and also learning a lot from it at the same time.

Disclaimer: The lovely folks at Kidloland gave us a 6 month subscription to the app in return for an honest review. 



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