Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis – Week 1

Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis – Week 1

As part of my review of Malminder Gill’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis course, I’m going to be taking you through my experience of the course over the first few weeks.

I started the course on Sunday evening with the first session – Emotional Eating.

I will freely admit to being quite sceptical about this, but happy to be proved wrong. I like to consider myself a fairly opened minded person about most things, so I wasn’t going to go into this with a negative outlook.

Once X was in bed, I took myself for a lie down in my darkened room and got myself comfy. I was amazed that it actually felt quite natural! And as a total smart phone and internet addict, I thought having to shut my eyes and lie still for 40 minutes with my phone on silent might be a bit tough going, but the time flew by pretty quickly.

In fact, I don’t remember the end of the recording – I remember waking up, suddenly feeling very awake and wondering what had happened!

Monday morning when I got up, I felt a new determination to get on with changing my lifestyle. I’ve always said, as much as I hate my weight, my priority is to get fitter and healthier. I gave my workout DVD a good attempt (but there’s only so much jumping one can do with a post-traumatic birth pelvic floor, let’s be honest – do your exercises ladies!), had a healthy breakfast and lunch, and purposefully avoided the biscuits in the cupboard. I even got a grandparent babysitter and made myself walk the 20minutes to join Slimming World. And 20 minutes back. Smashed my 10k on my Fitbit…

Next session I did on Wednesday night but found myself unable to pay all that much attention, I kept getting distracted and I didn’t finish the session. We are all coming down with a cold and it makes me restless, so I struggled to relax enough. I’ve still been pushing myself to do more exercise and not eat crap, but colds always make me ravenously hungry and all I want is cake and caffeine.

I did my third required session on Friday evening – really got into it again and again found myself waking up as the recording finished. Looking back over the week, I feel like I’ve been making better decisions when it comes to food, but I’ve certainly not been sticking to the Slimming World plan as well as I should have been – Syns everywhere! I’m feeling a bit scatterbrained as I seem to have a lot going on generally at the minute, and a lot I want to do but have no time for, so it’s time to start prioritising meal planning and squeezing in exercise where I can.


At the end of this first week I still feel really positive – it hasn’t been a lightning fast change, and there hasn’t been a miracle moment of clarity or anything, but I think the messages in the recording was certainly getting through. Malminder uses great analogies and examples that help you visualise your mental state and the mental blocks that are preventing you from succeeding – a tool which makes it a great deal easier to move through them.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next Week’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis session – Mental Detox – will involve!



If you’d like to learn more about the course you can check out the details here –

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Disclaimer: I have been given full access to the Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis course free of charge in return for writing this post.

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