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Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!

This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting Lauren from Mummy is a Gadget Geek.

Mummy Is A Gadget Geek

Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!

My Mum is known on the blog as MOGGY (Mum of Gadget Geek) and so as far as the online world is concerned, that is her name… I can’t tell you how old she is because IT IS FORBIDDEN, on her most recent birthday she was 21ish again.

Apart from being my Mum, she is also Mum to my sister and brother, and a very fluffy cat called George. Oh, and she has a tortoise too, but she is asleep at the moment because it’s still too cold for tortoises, snuggling in a box of straw is far more appealing than the British Winter. Sometimes I think I could quite happily be a tortoise (well, except for the eating snails thing, maybe…).

When she isn’t being my Mum she is busy being a ‘Health Professional’. I think that’s code for ‘telling people how to be well’, and it involves co-ordinating stopping smoking campaigns (maybe?), but other than that it’s all a bit of a mystery. She’s also a qualified barrister, and a former home economics teacher. So we ate well as kids!

What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?

‘We’ll see’
My brother, sister and I now all recognise that this actually is just a sneaky way of saying ‘no’.

Someone’s playing your mum in a film. Who is it and why?

I think it would probably be Joanna Lumley. Mum always used to call me Saffy because I was the sensible one (and I had the matching hair) and I think she fancies herself as a bit of an Edina – perhaps she is a bit in spirit, but stature wise I think she’s more Patsy-like. So Joanna Lumley, but pretending that she’s Jennifer Saunders, who in turn is actually being my Mum.

Oh My Blog!

She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?

I’m guessing that (after doing something boring like paying off the mortgage, which doesn’t really count does it) it’d either be a holiday or a car. One of those snazzy little BMW Z1’s probably. And most likely a convertible, so she can whizz around country lanes in sunglasses and a scarf with a big grin on her face.

What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?

This is why I never introduce her to my friends, or anyone, ever. muahahahaaa

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

It’s Little B’s 3rd birthday, so the whole Mother’s Day thing will really be overshadowed by that. Since the family will be together anyway to celebrate that I suspect we’ll sneak in a little Mother’s Day celebratory lunch alongside the ‘it’s really Little B’s Day’ thing.

Probably there will also be cake. And some daffodils.

What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?

Aside from Coronation Street, I think it is probably either that First Dates one, or Location Location Location. That’s what the Sky box seems to be full of, anyway. I should know because I’m always having to fix it.

What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?

Sing. Singing has been the thing that has really got me where I am in life I think. It gave me the confidence to stand up in front of a lot of people, and to realise that I am ok, just being me.

Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?

Whatever she can get her hands on!

Ok, I’ll be in trouble for saying that, so actually it’d more likely be this weird low alcohol beer thing I can’t remember the name of that she was telling me about the other day. Or maybe it’s even non-alcoholic? I’ll take a better look at it next time I’m at the pub with her!

What’s the biggest difference between you and your mum?

Our height. She is 6’1’’ and I’m about 5’2’’ – the rest of the family come in between us both.

Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?

I think she would probably like it, but I also don’t really want to know…

Ok, I asked her and she said ‘I haven’t read it, I haven’t seen it, I don’t think I want to’.

I still think she’d probably like it though.

What’s your favourite memory of your mum?

Shortly after my little brother arrived in the world, I remember sitting and watching her feed him. She looked so peaceful, and he was so contented, and my sister and I were so excited to have a little brother.

Also, she made awesome birthday cakes. And I remember her getting her hair permed, which I thought was the most curiously amazing thing ever.

What do you think your mum was like as a kid?

A little bit shy, with an interesting haircut.

Cast your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?

Oh dear… so many different things to choose from… I was not a nice teenager at times.
Possibly the time I spilt limeade on the brand new carpet. Or when I cycled OVER THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY (which was forbidden), then lied about it. Or maybe when I cut my own hair. And there was that time when I smashed the summerhouse window. I may have blocked angrier times from my mind.

Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?

Never buy clothes that need ironing.

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3 thoughts on “Oh My Blog! with Mummy Is A Gadget Geek

  1. I love that advice- so true, who has time for ironing! Also my parents did the “we’ll see” thing too- definitely a sneaky way of getting kids to be quite but whilst actually saying no! #OhMyBlog

  2. Haha I loved the “Never buy clothes that need ironing” – Woman after my own heart right there, I strategically fold clothes so they don’t need a iron!
    Also I don’t know how but my kids seem to think “We’ll see” means yes! I have gone wrong somewhere in life lol.

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