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Over the winter, and during our house move, I have been mostly watching a lot of CBeebies. I don’t mind, there’s a lot of quality entertainment there. In fact, sometimes I’d rather Mummy didn’t try to get me to paint a masterpiece or bake something that might end up being edible (I mean, salt dough? Are you having a laugh?) and just left me in peace with my favourite programmes.

She tends to mutter something about limiting screen time, but honestly I think it’s an empty threat – she tends to get out her laptop whenever I’m watching something and taps away for ages doing what she calls “work”.

During my extended viewing periods, I’ve discovered a show called “Do You Know?” but I prefer to call it Maddie, after the presenter.

She tells you all about how things work; like why a cake rises and how they build tricycles. And I LOVE HER.


I mean it.

The show.

I love the show.

Dear Maddie

According to Mummy, it’s not usual for a child my age to talk about how my heart is pumping blood around my blood vessels. Perhaps I’m going to be a scientist? Or a doctor. Mummy thinks I’m going to be an engineer like my Daddy. I don’t think I have to decide yet though. I’m only 3 after all. I quite like the idea of a job where I get special permission to do all sorts of cool things and use special cameras though.

Do You Know is my favourite thing ever, right now. I mean, I know I’ve said in the past that Bing was the best thing ever, but I was young and I didn’t know any better. (I still love you Bing…)

So I’ve written a poem about Maddie… I mean, Do You Know…


Dear Maddie on the TV show

They cleverly called “Do You Know” –

Thank you for teaching me all about

How things works, without a doubt.

About toilet flushes and knitted hats

Hamster wheels and flaps for cats

Keys and toothpaste, crayons and balls

And all about gravity, why water falls.

I could watch you all day long

I walk around humming the song.

There are lots of things all around us

Special cameras and ramps on a bus.

Could you do a show about wooden blocks?

Or Toy cars? Cheese? Shoes and socks?

How about a bucket and spade?

I love to learn how things are made!

So thank you for all that you’ve taught me

with your program on the TV.

I’ll learn lots more, be really bright…

there will be another series, right?


There we have it. My little ditty for Do You Know. Please, CBeebies, is there going to be more? Mummy said she might go mad or something if she has to watch the one about Toothpaste again. Not sure what the something would be, but it doesn’t sound too good.



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3 thoughts on “Dear Maddie | The Toddler Blogs

  1. I love tv too. My favourite shows are the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, and Peter Rabbit. I have several others on my radar but my mommy talks about limiting my screen time too. What is this obesession that mommies have? #DreamTeam

  2. We are big lovers of CBeebies in this house too but I can’t say I’ve seen this particular show much. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it now. It sounds like I could learn a thing or two haha! You know I love a poem – this really made me chuckle! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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