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36 Month Update

Dude! 36 months?! You’re 3 years old?!? How…?

It only feels like last week we were trying to figure out how to roll up the sleeves on your grey fluffy pram suit to take you home from the hospital. And now look at you! You’re a proper little boy.


You never fail to impress me. Your language is just ridiculous for your age and you’ve got an amazing turn of phrase! When you plonked yourself next to me on the sofa the other morning, all bed head and your cutest jammies, and said “Mummy, can I tell you a story? From my head?” and began to recite a Bing story I had tears in my eyes! It’s sometimes difficult to remember just how small you really are when your language is so grown up – it makes your tantrums all the harder to deal with as they seem out of place.


Your chubby cheeks have made way for that really expressive face. No more chunky baby legs, you’re a lean, mean, spinning in circles machine! Who’s obsessed with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. I haven’t had you weighed properly in an age, but the Wii Fit board assures me that you’re still on the 50th centile in your red book.

And we must start recording your height on a door frame – which one shall we choose?

Eating and Drinking

Hello Threenager fussy phase. One day you like cheese, one day you don’t want to be in the same room as it. Although Coco Pops seem to be an evergreen favourite. You love apples and will happily devour most of one in one sitting, provided I bite through the peel first. Oh, and you wont hear tell of water, it has to be cordial (which we call juice) or apple juice. That’s it. Even milk is a toughie these days.

you didn’t like the carrot cup cakes. or the red bits on the sponge cake.


We saw the back of naps a long while ago, although you do still have the occasional one and it totally messes up bedtime. But on a good day, you’re in bed and asleep by 7.30pm and while we might have one or two wake ups in the night you’re very quick to settle yourself. I just wish you’d pay a bit more attention to your Gro Clock. Mummy needs that extra half an hour in the morning….

36 Month Update

Other Skills

In the last few weeks you’ve practically potty trained yourself. I’d geared myself up for a battle to take away your nappies – you’d never shown any interest in it AT ALL, and then almost by accident you were dry in the day, and nearly completely dry at night.

I wont lie, the sudden penchant for kicking isn’t endearing. The fact that you actually came across the room to kick me earlier left me speechless. Your little face gets all scrunched up and angry so quickly. I suppose that means we’re well into the Threenager stage now?

You’re excited for nursery; I’m the same, although I think we’re both a little nervous. You’ve spent a few whole weeks away from me in your short little life, but there’s something very different about spending time with family than with strangers in a whole new place. The nursery is wonderful, and I know you’re going to have an amazing time there, and make loads of new friends.

Since we bought you some magnetic letters for the freezer, you’re really keen on trying to spell words. You’re getting the hang of quite a few letters now, and I can’t see it being too much longer before you can spell your own name. And you love using the chalk pens on your blackboard – you’re pretty fab at writing the letter X!

3 years old. My little boy isn’t a baby any more (but you’ll always be my baby boy…) I’m so proud to be your Mummy. You’re an endlessly polite little man, who is loving and caring, funny and happy most of the time. You’re cautious and I can often see the anxiety behind your eyes in new situations, but once you’ve found your feet you throw yourself in 100%. Nothing beats a cuddle from you, especially one of your super squeezy ones! You’ve come so far in three short years – I can’t wait to see how you grow through the next 3!!



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10 thoughts on “36 Month Update

  1. What beautiful photos! And a happy 3rd birthday to your little boy. As much as I don’t want mine to grow up too quickly, I have completely loved aged 3 – so much change and chatter – yet still loads of cuddles. I am hoping he doesn’t change too much when he hits 4. Good luck with the next year – with nursery, kicking and with all the fun and chaos these little smashers bring! #littleleaps

  2. Lovely post, some great photos and memories to look back on as well. I’m not looking forward to potty training in the future – I hope little N takes the same approach as your little one and figures it out without too much fuss!

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