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This weeks #bottlefeedingstories comes from Amy at  The Smallest Of Things.  She found her health visitor provided great support for her decision to try combination feeding.

I blog over at The Smallest Of Things which is a Family & Lifestyle blog. I have two daughters, Little who will be 3 in March and Baby who is just over 4 months. With Little I tried breastfeeding but she ended up quite poorly due to low blood sugar levels and this made me too afraid to try breastfeeding again. Baby was combination fed until 6 weeks when I stopped breastfeeding as it just seemed to distress her more as she was always hungry.


Had you given much thought to breastfeeding before/while you were pregnant?

I just thought it was the thing everyone did. Even though I don’t actually know anyone who does/has! Its the only things the midwives talk about so I felt huge pressure.

What was your opinion of bottle feeding?

I have absolutely nothing against bottle feeding. Without formula Little would have got so much more poorly. It was the nurse in Children’s A&E who managed to force feed her a bottle to bring her blood sugar levels back up.

Were you offered any classes on breastfeeding by your healthcare team/midwives? Did you take any classes of your own ie. NCT?

No but I was given a little bit of advice with my second. My first I wasn’t really told anything about it so I kind of went into it with my eyes shut. All I learnt about breastfeeding was from some fellow blogging Mums.


What support did you receive to start and continue breastfeeding? What support would you have liked?

My HV was amazing about my decision to combination feed. She gave me advice about how to keep my supply up etc but unfortunately I just didn’t produce enough. The midwife I had following my seconds’ birth was also very helpful with establishing breastfeeding.

Did you have a personal breastfeeding goal?

Not with my first as such but with my second I was determined to try harder. I probably gave up too easily but a happy Mum and baby sometimes outweighs the advice.



What triggered your move to bottle feeding? Would you consider it a choice or a necessity?

It was definitely a choice. Baby took to breastfeeding like a pro but she just wanted to constantly suck. She was also a very hungry baby and I just wasn’t able to satisfy her. With a toddler to contend with as well it just seemed best to fully move to formula so that everyone was happy!

How did moving to bottle feeding make you feel?

Judged. A failure. Not as good as Mum as those that exclusively breastfed. Disappointed in myself. All the emotions! With my first I think that was a major contribution to my PND!

Did you experience any backlash for bottle feeding?

No not that I know of. I remember the first time I took a bottle to a baby class and I felt ashamed to feed my baby. How bad is it that we live in a society where we feel ashamed to feed our babies however we choose to feed.

Do you have any advice for other new mums in your situation?

It is your life, your child. Make the choice that is best for you and never regret it! 🙂

Big thank you to Amy for sharing her story! Please head over to her blog to give it all the love it deserves!!
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