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I have sort of made a deal with myself to try to finish one book a month. It’s not always that easy when you’ve a million other things to do – make the house look like less of a building site, knitting, blogging, writing, ensuring the survival of a fearless toddler, learning French… the list goes on. But I miss reading. A lot.

January I bought a book, probably much to my husband’s dismay. We’ve got 4 whole boxes of books still unpacked from the move. In my defence, I have now filled another box with books destined for the charity shop, which is a big move for me. Books are precious!

I bought “Austenland” by Shannon Hale. Purely because I watched the film (with Keri Russell, JJ Feild and James Callis) on Netflix when X was asleep one day and utterly fell in love with it (watch it… seriously… it’s hilarious!)



The book is a little different to the film, but they both have their merits – a lot of the book wouldn’t necessarily transfer to the film so it makes sense.

The dedication at the start gives you a good impression of the sort of book it is!

Austenland is the story of Jane Hayes, a thirty-something New Yorker who is unlucky in love. Oh and also completely obsessed with Jane Austen and Mr Darcy. In the book her recently deceased Great Aunt has bequeathed her a non-refundable trip to “Austenland” – an all-immersive Jane Austen experience in England which involves dressing up and living in a stately home for weeks, surrounded by actors.

The book is witty, and anyone who loves Jane Austen, or even just period dramas in general, will lap this up. It’s not a long book either – I polished it off in an evening (but then I do rather devour books…) which is about the perfect length for a mum who’s juggling 17 million other things.

In between each chapter is a story of one of Jane’s failed relationships and you can’t help but feel for her – she’s really met some shocking men. It’s hardly a wonder she fantasises about a Mr Darcy of her own! (Although I must admit, I’m more partial to a Mr Tilney myself – he understands muslin…)

But will she find him?! You’ll have to read it and see!


Disclaimer: No one paid me to write this. Or asked me to write this. I just like books. Especially this one. 🙂 

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10 thoughts on “Austenland | Book Of The Month

  1. Hi Becki, I try and read a little every night, but am still reading my book from Christmas! How you read a book in one evening I don’t know, I tend to fall asleep holding the book, which is why I’m battling to finish my latest. Austenland does sound like a nice easy reading book, perfect for the end of a busy day.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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  2. The book pile beside my bed is getting dangerously tall and teetering but I feel this one needs to be added to it!! Love the dedication, sold already! #twinklytuesday ? p.s. Totally with you on the whole donating books to charity shop trauma!!!

  3. That is an amazing dedication! I am a huge fan so am totally checking this out and have never seen the film on Netflix. I was a voracious reader than along came my son and I struggled to fin the time so think its fantastic that you are making the time to..makes me feel motivated! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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