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5 Things I Hate About Playgroup

5 Things I Hate About Playgroup

Playgroup. I know, I know, before you start, Playgroups are not for ME, they’re for the kids, but seriously?!? They’re actual hell on earth – it’s not just me thinking this, is it?

So here’s 5 Things I Hate About Playgroup…

1. The Noise. There will be at least 3 screaming children – and I don’t mean crying newborns, I mean ear bleeding levels of high pitched screaming. Whether it’s screaming out of frustration that their favourite toy is being used by someone else, or if they’re just excited for snacks. SCREAMING.

2. The Toys. Lets face it, they’re shit, yes? I walk past a charity shop on the way that has better toys. And I don’t mean this in terms of brands or anything snooty like that. I mean that the doll only has one eye, the puzzles all have pieces missing, the pens are dried out, most of the cars only have 3 wheels…

3. The Other Mums. Now, I’m a social anxiety sufferer so meeting new people is not my forte, but there is something so cliquey about playgroups that sends my anxiety into overdrive. If you don’t know anyone there you can feel all eyes on you (but also consciously avoiding eye contact). You can’t get a word in, there’s no “in” to their little groups. So you sit alone, on a dusty Village Hall floor, absent minded pushing a broken toy car around, because heaven help you if you get out your phone…

4. The Tea. You’ll never get to drink it warm anyway, so it’s a moot point, but it’s the weakest, milkiest tea in the universe, and in a polystyrene cup to boot. And every group seems to make it exactly the same?! How is that possible?!

5. The Tidy Up. Nope. I’m not paying to coerce my child into tidying up toys that should have been binned a long time ago. I can barely get him to tidy up the toys he actually likes at home, how am I going to get him to tidy up stuff that’s been already part destroyed?!

Or maybe I’ve just not found a good group yet?

5 things I hate about playgroup

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25 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Playgroup

  1. Playgroups are strange that’s for sure 100% with you on this super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. You’ve not got a good group. I used to run a toddler group and tried so hard to make it friendly and inviting, I remember the awkwardness I felt on my first trip to the group with my eldest way before I took it over. Walking into a room of people who all seem to know each other is so intimidating. It is a lot of work though, and I felt guilty every week for ignoring my daughter who was with me, to make tea, set up everything, tidy up everything, do song time or story time. My only hope is that every parent that came didn’t look on our group like this post, or I failed more than just her. I hope you find a group that deserves your presence. #ThatFridayLinky
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  3. Yes! I haven’t taken my girls to playgroup for a while now as they’ve started school, but the toys were always pants and there were never enough for the amount of children who went. We’d spend most of our time waiting for a toy to become available! I also hated the way the play group did snack. They’d lay blankets down and place a plate of snacks in the middle of each blanker. It was like feeding time at the zoo! A proper free for all! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  4. aww I didn’t love playgroups either but I found the best way was to go with a friend from antenatal group then at least you have someone to chat to – though I was quite good at saying hello to the mums on their own – please talk to me!! Hope you find one lovely #BigPinkLink

  5. I always hope that there are better ones out there… But yup this sounds like the ones I went to! I found music groups etc. We’re a bit better from a social anxiety perspective as you were there for a purpose and all had to join in. Still always hated that side of things with little ones though, you go to avoid feeling lonely and end up feeling lonelier sometimes! #twinklytuesday

  6. It just depends on the group you get into, but I also think it can sometimes be hard to find that mom you really “click” with. Until you do all conversations feel a bit forced. Hang in there!

  7. Ha ha, I loved playgroup with my first because I new someone there and she knew a few others and it was easier to make friends so became quite a social thing for us and we still meet up. With my second I was in my own and haven’t made any friends there. It’s been fairly quiet the last coup,e of weeks and I’ve actually spoken to a few people but it’s hard. On the plus side we get proper cups of tea and a biscuit (if you can stop your kids spotting them and stealing it off you) x

  8. I found a fab playgroup a couple of years back, so much better than the ones I had been to previously, and the other mums seemed so lovely! It turns out that playgroups seem to breed bitchiness and it wasn’t long before the cracks showed and I realised that it was way more fun to hang out at the park with my real friends than sit around drinking coffee with frenemies! #twinklytuesday

  9. Oh gosh! That sounds terrible!! We must’ve found some really good groups, in saying that we usually go with a friend from our NCT group. However we go recognise others from the area and other classes we do, and talk to them too. Seriously look for a new group! X #bigpinklink
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