The Little One Tag

I was tagged by the absolutely lovely Amy over at Amy and Tots to take part in The Little One Tag!

I’m a sucker for a questionnaire, so I leaped at the chance to get X involved in one too!

So here we go, The Little One Tag:

What’s the best thing about being nearly 3?

I’m a big boy!


What makes you laugh?

A lion! A elephant! Grand Master Glitch – he’s a naughty one, isn’t he?!


Who do you love and why?

Mummy and Daddy. I love them because I don’t like them (cheers, dude…)


What’s your favourite book?

A Lightning McQueen one…


Favourite food?

A carrot.


Favourite song?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (he says, while singing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off  and dancing around the room)


Favourite outfit?

A t-shirt, with a Lightning McQueen thing on it.


Favourite TV programme?

Go Jetters, that’s awesome!


Favourite toy?

That thing over there… (the Go Jetters Jet Pad)


Favourite thing to do?

Tidy up, and sweep. (Ah, if only…)


No, not any more answers… can you put the telly back on please!?


I’m tagging:

Jess @ Tantrum To Smiles (who has the cutest new blog header ever!)

Lauren @ Belle Du Brighton

Amy @ The Smallest of Things

Janet @ Mummy’s Monkeys


Can’t wait to hear what they have to say!

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