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parkrun Diaries | Injured!

parkrun Diaries | Injured!

After my first parkrun I had a little niggle in my right foot – nothing particularly painful or anything, but it felt a bit odd. That should really have been enough of a warning not to do anything too strenuous on it, but when have I ever listened to myself?

I was determined to get out there and do the 5k again for the 2nd time, more because if I didn’t I probably would never pluck up the courage to go again.

Getting a PB was amazing, but by the time I got home I was properly limping. My foot had gone from a niggle to actually swollen and nigh impossible to walk on.

 Of course I enlisted the help of Dr Google (not recommended) who suggested either Extensor Tendonitis, or a even a stress fracture to my metatarsal. The cure for each is a Mum’s worse nightmare – total rest. Well, frankly that isn’t going to happen with a toddler to contend with!

Hubby has been an absolute saint, sending me to put my foot up at every opportunity, and running around for me of an evening once X is in bed so I don’t have to move.

The rest is definitely helping – it’s still very painful later in the day, but first thing in the morning it’s almost back to normal. The cold weather isn’t helping though – I popped out to put the bin out earlier and the shock of the cold floor and air (even though I was wearing shoes) sent a shooting pain from my big toe to my ankle, and it’s been sore since.

So I shan’t be running this weekend. I’ve volunteered as tribute… I mean, a volunteer to help out the amazing folks who run the Northampton parkrun – perhaps I’ll be handing out tokens or marshalling a corner. Hopefully I’ll be there with my camera in hand, and my amazingly supportive walking boots on. Hubs has suggested he’ll do the run with X in the buggy, so I’ll even get an hour of getting to be Becki instead of Becki+X, even if it’s Becki-with-a-limp!

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