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Breakfast | The Toddler Blogs

Breakfast | The Toddler Blogs

Hi I’m X, and Mummy has let me loose with the keyboard again for another edition of The Toddler Blogs… This week, a poem dedicated to the best food stuff ever. Breakfast.

Oh golly I do love breakfast
It’s the best meal of the day
Weetabix or cornflakes
Keep my rumbly tum at bay

Or salmon and some scrambled eggs
If I’m feeling posh
Jammy toast or cheerios
They’re my favourite things to nosh

Cocoa pops are best though
Because when you eat them all
You can slurp the chocolate milk up
To help you grow up big and tall

I’d like to have some breakfast
For each and every meal
But in the bowl I asked for
It’s a big, essential, deal

Not the blue bowl with the stars on
But a green one and green spoon
On second thoughts a pink one,
Not that one, you buffoon!

I need my food in that special way
That makes me happy, see?
If you put it in the yellow bowl
Well, that’s just no good to me.

Actually, I have changed my mind
I’ll have beans on toast
But beans in a bowl beside it
That’s what I want the most

Ah breakfast, you’re my favourite
I could eat you all day long
But only if you get it right, Mum
I wont eat it if it’s wrong.

The Pramshed
Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best

7 thoughts on “Breakfast | The Toddler Blogs

  1. Brilliant! Breakfast is the only meal I can guarantee my toddler will eat every day. Fussy buggers aren’t they. Luckily she hasn’t cottoned on to requesting specific bowls or cutlery yet. Thanks for linking up this week #fortheloveofBLOG

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