Follow Me Around The House | Review

Follow Me Around The House | Review

I love being a Boolino Friend! It means I get my hands on books I otherwise probably wouldn’t have considered picking up before. And “Follow Me Around The House” by Camille Garoche is no exception to that.

On first glance, it doesn’t at all appear like your typical Lift The Flap book – I spent a good fifteen minutes with it just finding all the secret places to explore!

The illustrations are gorgeous with tonnes to point out, secret little toys and little quirks which mean this book will give a lot of entertainment over a long time. It reminds me a little of those “Find The Object” games and apps, with more things to find each time you open it.

Follow Me Around The House | Review

Luna is a Siamese cat on a mission to relieve the tired Mummy dog of her litter of pups by taking them on an adventure around the house, but it turns out she’s quite the scaredy cat!

The story itself is secondary to the Lift The Flap element – I’m not sure how much X was paying attention to it. He was far more excited to see what books on the shelf he could open, and what animal would be hiding there. It has quickly become a new favourite for him.

The book itself is lovely and big, although some of the flaps are pretty small – this just makes is all the more satisfying when you find them though! Beyond the story there’s so much to talk about and find, it’s a great book for kids to have their own adventures with.

Disclaimer: We’re proud to be Boolino Friends here at The Mum From Brum, and they send us lovely books to keep in return for an honest review. 


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