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Run 2 – 7th Jan 2016

If you read my post last week (5 Things If You’re Thinking About Doing A Parkrun) you’ll know that we’re on a super health kick, with Hubs and I trying to get a lot healthier in 2017. I’ve decided to keep a diary of my parkrun experiences for any of you out there who are wondering whether it might be worth giving it a go! (Spoiler: It is.)

So back again to The Racecourse for the Northampton parkrun. My only intent this week was to beat my time from last week. We’d walked hard and ran a little and spent the week in pain, but were still proud of just getting out there and actually doing it.

The weather was warmer – about 6 degrees which was about 5 degrees warmer than it was last Saturday! But there was a thin cover of fog everywhere, which certainly made it feel wintery.

Hubby was going off on a jog from the outset this morning; his base fitness is better than mine, plus I am useless at jogging it turns out. I’m an all or nothing sort of runner – slight sprint or fast walking. Until today there was no middle ground.

I forced myself to jog slower, dropping my shoulders and keeping my back straight. And I did alright. Pushing the buggy tends to mean me leaning on the handlebars and propelling myself forwards, but today I really concentrated on keeping upright and just using the speed of my pace to get the buggy in motion.

There were a few more buggies about today – but out of over 500 runners (New Years Resolution runners much?!) there were maybe 3? I genuinely thought there would be more when we came last week, so the lack of them has been a bit of a surprise.

Talking of that 500 odd people, it was rammed to start with. I found myself actually having to walk around others, taking to the mud with the Nipper to get around those with dogs who I really didn’t want to catch with the front wheel.

Jogging at a slower pace certainly meant I could jog more – and for longer. Spend the first 10 minutes alone, but then ended up with a lovely running partner who encouraged me all the way round. She was more experienced than me but running with an injury. But it was amazing to have her support.

Once again the marshals were fantastic – always with something cheery to say or an encouragement.

We were lapped, of course, but I managed to get a bit further this week before they overtook us which was nice.

There were a total of 516 runners, and I came 510th, which obviously doesn’t really mean anything when the numbers attending each week are pretty unpredictable. The biggest thing I’m proud of it running it this week over 3 minutes faster than last week! From 51.17 to 48.03.

I can’t expect this sort of improvement every week, especially as at the moment we’re not doing any more running outside of Saturday mornings, although once the days start getting longer again this could be something we start doing of an evening.

Sadly I appear to have picked up a bit of an injury – the tendon from my big toe on my right foot is constantly hurting, and making a weird vibrating sensation each time I bend my toe. I think it’s the result of needing better arch support in my trainers, so that’s something to look into to.

Next week’s goal? Jog more and walk less. I hope to be able to run the whole distance in the next 6 months.

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