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Review | Chalkola Chalk Pens

Review | Chalkola Chalk Pens

As part of our traditional New Year Get Organised kick, we’re putting up a blackboard in our new kitchen – so when Chalkola got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of their Chalk Pens we were over the moon!

They sent out two packs of their pens to try – the Party Colour pack of 10 pens, and a pack of lovely more muted Earth colours.

chalkola chalk pens

First off, I was amazed to find a Black pen! But these pens write on more than just blackboards – you can draw on glass, plastic, whiteboards… any non-porous surface (although they do recommend trying it out on a small area first, just in case.)

We tried them out on X’s blackboard first though – he couldn’t want to get his hands on them.

You need to give them a really good shake before using them for the first time, and it will take a minute or so to get the paint flowing, but once it starts it doesn’t take much to keep it going – there’s no need to keep downward pressure on them, so they’re great for little hands. You just need to push the end in when you start to run out of paint in the nib.
chalkboard pens

Then we flipped the board round to try them out on the whiteboard – the only pens we’ve had for this weren’t very strong colours, just red and yellow that don’t really show up. But these are so vibrant, and go on so easily! They were an utter delight to use.

As they dry quickly there’s none of that chalk residue that normally hangs around in the air (and all over the floor) – I did worry that this might mean a bit of scrubbing to remove them, but nope! I used a wet cloth and a piece of kitchen towel, and it all came off straight away. (Baby wipes work too 🙂 )

I’ve been brave, and let X loose with them on the windows – he was a bit reluctant at first, but then really enjoyed being able to see through his drawings! The pens came back off again with just a quick spray of window cleaner, and didn’t leave any residue.

These have such a long list of uses – they’re certainly not just for kids to draw with! You can write on glass or plastic jars with no fear that it’ll rub off, or be completely permanent, or perhaps decorate windows in children’s rooms, or leave messages on mirrors! Chalkola do advise that blackboard painted walls may be a little porous so the pens may not clear completely, which is worth remembering.

Fancy a go? The lovely people at Chalkola have given me a special discount code for you to get 20% off! Just enter code 20OFFSTR 

Party Colour Pens 

Earth Colour Pens

Disclaimer: Chalkola very kindly sent us their awesome pens to keep in return for an honest review here on The Mum From Brum. 

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