Bring it on 2017

Bring it on 2017!

It’s Sunday, the very first Sunday of the year. Nearly 9pm and I’m sat in my almost finished kitchen with a jam donut in one hand (was reduced, doesn’t count…) and a Becks Blue (still not drinking, definitely not pregnant) in the other, contemplating the blog.

ah unpacked boxes, and hiding in the background, the remaining uneaten discount donuts.

I know comparison is the thief of joy, but I do find myself wandering around the internet looking at blogs that started up at the same time as I set up The Mum From Brum, or those that started more recently, and wonder why I haven’t managed the same level of success.

How do I judge their success? I don’t really know, I just FEEL so behind them. Which is insane, because I know PRECISELY why I’m not a Brand Ambassador, or being begged to write stuff for the Huff Post. Because I haven’t dedicated enough time to actually figuring out what the heck this blog is for.

I set it up coming up to two years ago now, and since then I’ve just plodded along. I had one super successful post (by my own standards, it’s not like it went viral or anything), but haven’t done anything to capitalise on that since then. My best days of page views last year were thanks to Russian spammers trying to get Trump elected (I shit you not!)

We popped out to explore the shops of Northampton today (X was an angel, and spent some of his Christmas money on bright blue trousers in Primark. Bright blue… he has nothing that will go with those…) and I dragged both the main men in my life around hunting for a Blogging Notebook that will obviously make me spring into organisational action and I’ll be a sensation by the end of the year.

Or it’ll mean I get to crack out the multicoloured biros and make lists.

Either is fine by me.

colourful biros and a £5 Sainsburys notebook. boom.

I’d love to know what you think I should write about. I have a beautiful nearly 3 year old (*sobs* 3!!!) who for the best part is happy to play on his own making up songs to the tune of Rain Rain Go Away, and besides not being in the slightest bit interested in potty training is an utter delight. He doesn’t provide the Sudocrem smearing drama that always pops up on Facebook, or painting his walls with the contents of his nappy – he’s much too anti-mess for all of that.

So bring it on, 2017. Let’s get on it. Or something to that effect…

bring it on 2017

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