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Another Update – Our New Home

Another Update – Our New Home!

I’ve started to think about our new home, mainly to drag myself away from the omnishambles that seems to be the world at large at the moment (Trump, Brexit, impending World War… you know, the usual). I thought I’d spend X’s rare nap time writing about our own life changing stuff that we’re muddling through at the minute.

So as you may remember, if you’re a regular reader (I say regular, if you’re still with me ‘cause heaven knows I’ve not written anything worth reading in a while), we sold our house in Birmingham and bought a new place in Northampton to be closer to Hubby’s work. The good news is we finally got the keys a week ago but the bad news is we’re still not in.

We are still abusing the hospitality of Hubby’s awesome parents (shall I use lots of hyperbole here because I know Pops will read this at some point? Hi Pops! Thank you for putting up with us for much longer than planned…) and X is enjoying taking over the sitting room with his million toy cars and the occasional dinosaur.

our new home sweet home
our new home sweet home

The new house, we knew, would need some tender loving care – until we bought it, it had been a rental for a good number of years so it was all a little downtrodden and grimy. What we didn’t realise until we had an electrical survey completed was that it was borderline dangerous. Realistically, we got the house for a relative bargain – it’s in a great area for schools, a nice quiet road and it’s a good size with a once loved garden that just needs the weeds hacking at – so the electrics are no great disaster in the grand scheme of things. Getting an electrician to do the work seemed to be easy – until they had to postpone 2 days before they were due to start. Life happens, and so do things like this, but while I’m trying to be optimistic about it, it’s hard when things seem to keep us from what we really want. Which is to leave Hubby’s poor parents in peace for a while and get back on with living instead of being in limbo.

Hubby and I spent several sleepless nights trying to plan a kitchen too – nothing expensive, nothing really to change. This wasn’t part of the plan either, but the day we got the keys and headed in we quickly realised that it would be easier, and probably quicker, to rip out the 90’s units (1996 to be precise, if the bill we found under the breakfast bar cupboard is correct – Index Catalogue Store! Now that was a blast from the past!) and fit a new kitchen than it would be to clean this one. Ew.

old kitchen - doesn't look like this now
old kitchen – doesn’t look like this now
more like this
more like this

Kitchen planning nightmare…

The design ideas we had for the kitchen were getting grander by the second, which considering we have no money was a bit daft. In the end we’ve stuck to a like for like swap with something new. We have planned a great one from B&Q, with enormous help from a designer at their Coventry branch (and not so much help from the branch in Northampton). It’s more or less the same layout, but I shan’t be afraid of preparing food in this one. Oh and that can’t be delivered until the 7th of December… more waiting.

And I was so looking forward to getting the Christmas tree up with X this year. It’ll be the first year he really understands what’s going on – he’s 3 in February so we’re not quite at understanding Father Christmas, but he certainly understands it’s going to be a time of presents. We’ll be lucky to have the walls painted, but by hell or high water there will be a tree.

some original 1960's wallpaper anyone?
some original 1960’s wallpaper anyone?

So we’re back to trying to be patient – not one of Hubby’s strong points, he’ll freely admit – and dreaming about painting walls and finally get all of our stuff out of storage.

I’m missing blogging, but struggling to find the time I need to dedicate to it. I want to get back into it, and my New Years resolution is already to take all of this more seriously. Perhaps next year I’ll even pluck up the courage to attend BlogFest or something similar!


That’s all for now folks – keep everything crossed we’ll be in for Christmas please?!

1 thought on “Another Update – Our New Home

  1. I feel your pain! We’ve got builders in right now to build us a porch and WC. Not a big building job but it seems like there is delay after delay now. Soooooooo frustrating and with Christmas looming, it’s touch and go whether it will be finished (I’ve been promised it will be).

    As for that wallpaper….say no more!

    Looking forward to more blogging from you in the new year.

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