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A Catch Up Post!

Hi all, time for a quick catch up.

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been a little awol for the last, oh, 2 months?! It’s not been an intentional break from blogging, more an unavoidable break as we’ve been moving house.

empty :(
empty 🙁

And it’s been far from a smooth move, so blogging has had to take a significant back seat.

Not only has it been a stressful, complicated, soul destroying and occasionally heartbreaking move, but the blasted thing STILL isn’t over yet.

saying goodbye to the kitchen
saying goodbye to the kitchen

We put our beautiful house in Birmingham up on the market in April, finally completed the sale with the 2nd interested buyer on the 20th of September. But for the moment we’re living with Hubby’s wonderful and very understanding parents in Rugby as we’ve not managed to finish buying the house in Northampton.

We got close to buying what seemed to be an amazing repossession property, but got outbid just after we got all our ducks in a row… turns out that might have been a blessing as the survey came back the day after suggesting the whole place needed re-roofing! Think we might have actually dodged an expensive bullet there.

Thankfully, we’ve found another property, not quite as big but certainly in need of far less work. It’s empty, chain free… but these things never go at the speed you would like. We’re still plodding on. Everything seems to be coming together now, after drama with mortgages and the sellers solicitors (who seem to have inherited their speed from sloths – ours are fab though). So in a few weeks we could be in, paintbrush in one hand and scrubbing brushes and bleach in the other for that awful ex-rental kitchen grime.

Catch Up

If nothing else, these weeks with our stuff in storage has taught me that we don’t actually need half the crap we own, and I get the impression a great deal of the boxes that come back may well end up having their contents launched into bin bags and taken to charity shops across Northampton.

It’s been lovely spending time with X’s cousins (including a brand new one… my remaining ovary was fit to burst, she’s so CUTE) but we’re a little isolated here in the middle of the countryside. And I genuinely already miss Birmingham. You can take the girl out of Birmingham but you can’t take the Birmingham out of the girl. 

Oh, and I miss Sky 1. I nearly wept when I discovered it isn’t on BT Vision – Yonderland S3 starts Sunday, how could I cope?!?! I’ve found a way to watch it. And it’s legal, before you ask. 🙂

thank you kind stranger on Westminster Pier for taking this!
thank you kind stranger on Westminster Pier for taking this!

So that’s us up to date. I’m popping my blogging hat back on so there’s lots of ranting to look forward to. And perhaps even a nice grown up, serious mini series on our house move and renovation. Coming up in the next few days there’s some ace photos from our recent trip to London too.



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