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30 Month Development Update

30 months: It’s been a while since I wrote an update on X’s development – but since he hit the latest milestone of 2 and a half (or 30 months) it felt appropriate to have a catch up!

30 Month Update:


He’s a talker. There’s no denying that. He took a while to form his first words, but it’s been an exponential growth since then! He’s currently fascinated with what things are called and he likes to name his toys (although he’s just named his blue truck “Selfie” so maybe I need to take a good look at the words I use daily!).

He’s also started to ask what words say and can recognise a good handful of letters. I’ve now got the decision of teaching him the phonics or the names of the letters –  so far it’s been a mix of both but I guess I’ve got to choose a side! X has also started using the Alphablocks game on the CBeebies Playtime App, which uses phonics, and is getting pretty good at spelling “foot”.

He can count to 15 before he gets confused and starts saying random numbers. He’s great with colours and people’s names. He loves songs – singing them and dancing along to them, and has recently started making his own ones up (although they’re usually just the same word over and over to a tune!)

Oh and he’s got attitude. Whether that’s good attitude or a bad one depends on how much chocolate you’re willing to give him.


As his Aunty Rach pointed out last week, he’s bulked up a bit lately. He’s not a chubby kid – he never really had a chubby baby phase – in fact, he’s always been quite slight. In his last growth spurt he’s filled out a bit; he looks strong and not at all like a baby any more.

He charges around like a loon most of the time, and throws himself on furniture with speed. But equally when we’re out for a walk he diligently holds my hand, or walks sensibly alongside me.

No sign of his back molars yet, but all his other teeth are in!

Eating and Drinking

Not much to say here to be truthful, just the usual toddler pickiness. One day he loves pizza, the next day all he wants are bananas and apples. He still has at least one cup of milk a day, usually two, as well as yogurts and cheese to keep his calcium levels up.  Oh, and he LOVES ketchup. And garlic bread.


Ah, sleep. Once he’s out, he’s pretty much out, but actually getting him to sleep seems to be a bit of a nightmare. I know it’s part of his development – at 2 and a half he’s realising that he’s his own person and that is understandably scary, and I get why he doesn’t want me to leave him in a dark room alone! It is a bit frustrating when it gets to 10pm and he’s still whinging and requesting unnecessary nappy changes or different coloured stars on his night light.

Naps are a frustrating complication at the moment – if he doesn’t nap he’s fast asleep by 7.30pm but the hours between 4.30 and 7.30 are absolute hell on earth. If he does nap he wont sleep until 11pm. I’m struggling to find the right balance.

And heaven help you if you wake him up. *scary music*

Other Skills/New Things!

Pretend play is suddenly top of his list – I’m now almost constantly being handed invisible animals, most of whom need looking after or are poorly. Maybe he’s going go grow up to be a vet?! And we go through 5 or 6 rounds of hide and seek every day – even if he does always hide in the same place under ALL of the throw cushions from the sofas. He loves his toy cars, his dinosaurs and his pirate ship; plus a little rabbit I just knitted for him (who he has dubbed Benji Bunny).

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