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A Cold (with a toddler in tow)

A Cold with a Toddler In Tow


Despite being horribly overweight, and rarely managing to eat my five a day, I’m relatively lucky in the health stakes. (if you exclude the removal of two organs so far, and a long term health condition, but meh…) We rarely get coughs and colds, or tummy bugs.


This week, I am ill. X is ill too, but unless he’s coughing, you’d never know it – he’s still charging around like a loon.


Me, however? I’m longing for my bed. My head is pounding, I’ve got the worst sore throat I think I’ve ever had. I’ve got chills, and vertigo from blocked ears. And on top of almost falling over each time I stand up, I’ve got to run around after a toddler, who, other than being a bit grumpy, is still absolutely full of beans. As I type he’s out in the garden with the tiny little trowel that came with his Bing magazine, “planting” things (which I will no doubt have to go and clean up before long…)


I’ve gone from desperately wishing he’d be quiet for 30 seconds, to catching a sneeky 5 minute nap on the sofa while he watches Show Me Show Me, to being adamant that there should be some sort of government service for free emergency childcare when a mum (or main carer) is ill (ridiculous, I know… I blame the fever…).




At least when we were ill when he was younger he’d sleep through it, have regular naps throughout the day that would give me time to rest while the painkillers kicked in. Now it’s a constant stream of “Mummy, I want to play a game with you.” “Mummy look at me!” “Mummy I want a cup of milk please. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Muuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy” (all said in one breath, obvs.)


I’m just insanely thankful that he does still have a nap. I don’t know how I’d have survived the last 48 hours hours without them!


Does anyone have any handy tips for coping with colds with a toddler in tow? I’d love to be better prepared next time…

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