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Review | The Return of Ewan The Dream Sheep

The Return of Ewan The Dream Sheep!

I remember spending a lot of time searching for answers when X was about 3 weeks old, and NOT SLEEPING. Like, at all. So I’d spent many an hour with him on my chest, terrified to go to sleep with him there, and scrolling through the internet. Googling terms such as “why isn’t my child sleeping?” “can a lack of sleep kill you?” “can sleep deprivation really make you see funny colours or am I losing the plot?”.

X – aged 3 weeks, screaming. He also punched poor Ewan shortly after the photo was taken…


It was inevitable that I would eventually come across the best selling baby sleep aid – Ewan The Dream Sheep. It was not cheap, it’s still around £30, but good lord I would have paid that a hundred times over because IT WORKED. Whenever the lovely gentle lullaby was playing, X would sleep, or at least lie still long enough to drift off for more than a few minutes. The red glow and heartbeat sounds seemed to really comfort him. That said, it drove me mad. I’ve been a light sleeper my entire life, and post natal anxiety meant I wasn’t really drifting off as easily as I used to, and that repetitive music made me want to tear my hair out.


The return…


I can’t remember at what point we stopped using it, but over the last few weeks X has really been struggling to get to sleep. He’s at an awkward age where realistically he still needs a daytime nap, but then is too awake of an evening to be able to self-settle. He spotted Ewan the Dream Sheep on his bedroom shelf about 2 weeks ago, and loved that he could start the music by pressing one of his legs. On a whim, I used the little velcro tail to hang it on X’s cot bars and, miracle of miracles, he snuggled into his pillow and had a nap.


I was amazed! That evening, he did the same again. The music only plays for 15minutes before cutting off, but as X was able to start it again, he would!


Nap time, sponsored by Ewan.


Even now, a few weeks later, after we’ve made the huge milestone decision to remove the side from his cot, he stays in his bed and restarts Ewan the Dream Sheep when he stops.


I know people who have hated Ewan the Dream Sheep, or whose kids have hated it, but I swear my life has been made a thousand times better thanks to that £30 sheep! And 2 years on it’s still earning his keep!


Disclaimer – we weren’t paid to review Ewan the Dream Sheep, we just really, really, REALLY, love him. 

4 thoughts on “Review | The Return of Ewan The Dream Sheep

  1. Aw it’s nice when they take comfort from something like this isn’t it.
    When my eldest was about 18 months his sleeping pattern was all over the place, and the only thing he would settle to was the slumber buddy green frog! Pretty much the same idea as Ewan, lights up and plays music. A total god send I tell you! 🙂

    Thanks so much for being part of #MMBC Hope to see you next week xx
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