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Potty Training – We’re In No Rush

X is almost 2 and a half now, a lot of his peers are finding their way towards potty training and big kid pants. But as I type, X himself is showing very little interest in doing the same.

And to be honest, I’m in absolutely no rush for him to get potty trained. Since he was a baby, we’ve always followed his lead when it came to milestones and tried not to push him into anything before he was ready. This is the mindset we’re taking into potty training too. Each kid is different – X’s cousin who is a only a few weeks older than him is super excited about his new big boy pants and that is awesome (he looks very grown up!)

Potty Training – We’re In No Rush

potty training As it stands though, X isn’t ready. He’s 29 months old this month, so according to babycentre and the like he should be up to 3 months into being a pro-potty user?! But I’m certainly not going to push him into it – that’s just lining him up to fail, and setting us all up for a long frustrating journey of toilet training.

Right now its so easy to go out for a day out – the days of struggling to make sure there were enough bottles, muslins and changes of clothes in the change bag are long gone. I can even venture out with just a handbag with a few nappies and a pack of wipes. But as soon as the nappies are gone I imagine we’ll be spending every second of our trips out keeping an eye out for toilets. In this respect, I am at least well prepared – after 8 years of digestive problems since having my gall-bladder removed I have a mental map of every public toilet in Birmingham City Centre…

Not pushing him…


We are giving him opportunities to use the potty – it’s been present in our bathroom since he was about a year old, and he has managed a few small pees on there over the last few months. He was so proud of himself! But until he’s happy to tell me when he’s peeing, or when he needs one, there doesn’t seem much point pushing it.

We’re heading into what little summer we get here in the UK, and that seems to be the best time to give it a go. It’s not so much of an issue if you’re a bit soggy when it’s 25 degrees out. And if he’s ready, we’ll give it a go – a few days out in the garden, nappy free – and we’ll see how we go. If he gets it, great, but if not, it’s no great disaster.


It’ll happen one day. As long as he’s reliably dry during the day before he starts school I’ll be happy, but I imagine it’ll happen long before then!


Do you have any tips for gradual potty training? Anything aids you’d recommend, or books? I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. It’s hard when you’re bombarded with emails from baby and toddler website telling you “what your kid should be doing” – I think most us like to follow our own instinct on these things, but question our abilities! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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